Cassoulet – Cafe Bastille

Cassoulet - Cafe Bastille
Duck confit, toulouse and garlic sausage, and white beans. Three course dinner prix fixe $35
Cafe Bastille, San Francisco CA

I love cassoulets because they’re so hearty and delicious. And with both duck confit and sausage, you really can’t go wrong. This duck was nice but I actually liked the sausage even more. Noms!

Le Parisien cocktail - Cafe Bastille
Le Parisien: raspberry coulis, passion flavored cognac, champagne. $11


Assorted macarons – Fresh Flours

Assorted macarons - Fresh Flours
Passion fruit, black currant, earl grey, chocolate, green tea, and raspberry. Each $1.35
Fresh Flours, Seattle WA

Assorted macarons - Fresh Flours
Omg, I’m in heaven! I bought a box of these to take to a family event because everybody loves macarons! My nieces and nephews can destroy these things in zero seconds flat. As macarons go, these were very good and the staff at Fresh Flours were great.

Assorted macarons - Fresh Flours

Farmers ham sandwich – Cafe France

Farmers ham sandwich - Cafe France
With brie cheese, lettuce, tomato, and raspberry jam on wheat bread. 250 PHP
Cafe France, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

This sandwich was a bit different. I had mixed feelings about the raspberry jam. One the one hand, I liked the fruity component, but I also thought that it was maybe too sweet for the sandwich. The balance was off.

San Miguel Light beer - MNL
San Miguel Light beer. Ahh, it’s always a good idea to drink at airports, lol!

Rizal Park
Rizal Park, Manila.

Assorted macarons – Paul

Assorted macarons - Paul
Chocolate, coconut, raspberry, citron, caramel, pistachio. 8,70€
Paul, Paris FR

Assorted macarons - Paul
I grabbed these macarons at Gare du Nord. I had bought some fancier ones from Pierre Herme as gifts. I later found that the Pierre Herme macarons didn’t survive the hot weather though, aww. 😦 The Paul macarons did survive. I ate some on the train leaving Paris and they were pretty good. They definitely weren’t as soft and delicate as the ones from Pierre Herme. Those were super fancy and expensive.

Gare du Nord
Gare du Nord train station. I love the public transportation in Paris, it’s SO much more extensive and efficient than what we have in San Francisco (Muni and Bart both suck!).

Pain au choco-framboise – Miss Manon

Pain au choco-framboise - Miss Manon
Chocolate raspberry croissant. 2,40€
Miss Manon, Paris FR

French breakfast pastries, yay! This was pretty good. It was flaky and buttery, and the fillings were delicious. I have to admit that I wasn’t blown away though. A friend of mine gave me a false expectation that French pastries were gonna absolutely blow my mind. I mean, they were good but I think that some of the local San Francisco bakeries can hold their own.

Medici Fountain
Medici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg. This is a very peaceful section of the garden where people relax on benches on either side of the pond.

Cocktails – Comme Ca

Ramble cocktail - Comme Ca

Ramble: gin, sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, muddled raspberries, crushed ice.
Comme Ca, Las Vegas NV

Mmm, I LOVED the cocktails at Comme Ca! There were plenty to choose from and they were all deilcious and very different. AND during happy hour they are half off – SCORE!

Sazerac cocktail - Comme Ca
Sazerac: rye whiskey, sugar, peychaud bitters, absinthe.

Hemingway daiquiri - Comme Ca

Hemingway Daiquiri: silver rum, maraschino liquor, fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice.

Rose Eight cocktail - Comme Ca
Rose Eight: 108.2′ bourbon, orange juice, fresh lemon juice, honey/grenadine, rose flower water.

New York sour cocktail - Comme Ca
New York Sour: bourbon, sugar, egg white, freshly squeezed lemons, red wine float.

Shimmy Flappers cocktail - Comme Ca
Shimmy Flappers: vodka, aperol, fresh lemon juice, sugar, red wine float.

Fresh raspberry tart – Tartine Bakery

Fresh raspberry tart - Tartine Bakery
With vanilla bean filling. Small $6.50
Tartine Bakery, San Francisco CA

Fresh raspberry tart - Tartine Bakery
I will admit this was delicious, but I had buyers remorse after paying almost $7 for it. I guess if I had split it with someone I could have rationalized a $3.25 slice, but I’m kind of a greedy vittle monster, lol! Seriously though, it was pretty damn tasty!

Les Miserables at the Orpheum Theatre

Les Miserables at the Orpheum Theatre, Market Street. Earlier this summer, I finally got to see this amazing musical for the first time! I’ve had the PBS anniversary soundtrack since forever and I know all the music so it was such a treat to finally see the production on stage. Of course I enjoyed it immensely and cried 4 or 5 times, lol!

Marble black raspberry ice cream – Scoopful Ice Cream

Marble black raspberry ice cream - Scoopful Ice Cream
Vanilla ice cream with a ribbon of black raspberry. I loved the bold flavor of the black raspberry swirled into the ice cream. It wasn’t too sweet either. Junior cup $1.90
Scoopful Ice Cream, San Bruno CA

Gumball machine, Tanforan Mall

Gumball machine, Tanforan Mall. “Please don’t shake me! Thanks” I liked the sign on the gumball machine.

Yellow mullein flowers (Verbascum thapsus, Scrophulariaceae)

Yellow mullein flowers (Verbascum thapsus, Scrophulariaceae), West Field Road. I love that they included these beautiful biennial plants in the dry-scaping along this road. The large, silvery tomentose leaves are lovely as are its tall, majestic spike inflorescences.

Coffee break – Simple Pleasures Cafe

Latte raspberry shortbread cookie Simple Pleasures Cafe

Latte and a raspberry shortbread cookie.
Simple Pleasures Cafe, San Francisco

Went here to meet with a couple friends who were visiting town. I wouldn’t normally drive this far for coffee, but I missed these girls and really wanted to catch up. The coffee shop was cute and had a great neighborhood-y vibe. The clientele was diverse and they have outdoor seating which was great since it was sunny and warm that morning. The service was friendly and the coffee/espresso was good. The cookies were mediocre.

Coffee apricot crumble bar Simple Pleasures Cafe

Coffee and an apricot crumble bar.