Citrus marinated olives – Percy’s & Co.

Citrus marinated olives - Percy's & Co.
I was really surprised at how many olives we got for only three bucks, score! They tasted great with the citrus and rosemary flavors, and I loved that it was a mixture of different olive varieties. Olives are my favorite so I’ll definitely be back for this snack. Happy hour $3
Percy’s & Co., Seattle WA

Pike Place Public Market
Pike Place Public Market sign at the corner of Pine and Pike.


Assorted macarons – Paul

Assorted macarons - Paul
Chocolate, coconut, raspberry, citron, caramel, pistachio. 8,70€
Paul, Paris FR

Assorted macarons - Paul
I grabbed these macarons at Gare du Nord. I had bought some fancier ones from Pierre Herme as gifts. I later found that the Pierre Herme macarons didn’t survive the hot weather though, aww. 😦 The Paul macarons did survive. I ate some on the train leaving Paris and they were pretty good. They definitely weren’t as soft and delicate as the ones from Pierre Herme. Those were super fancy and expensive.

Gare du Nord
Gare du Nord train station. I love the public transportation in Paris, it’s SO much more extensive and efficient than what we have in San Francisco (Muni and Bart both suck!).

House margarita – Velvet Cantina

House margarita - Velvet Cantina

100% Agave Dos Manos, triple sec, fresh citrus juices. Pitcher $27
Velvet Cantina, San Francisco CA

I’ve been to Velvet Cantina several times now and I haven’t been all that impressed with their margaritas. They’re decent, but nothing special. They’re not cheap so I would expect more “wow”!

Chips and salsa - Velvet Cantina
Chips and salsa. Complimentary
I do love their chips and salsa though. The chips are extra salty and their salsa is a bit different from most restaurants.

Agave Blue Glow
Agave “Blue Glow” plant (Asparagaceae), West Field Road.

Hand picked dungeness crab salad – Contigo

Hand picked dungeness crab salad - Contigo
With chicories, winter citrus, avocado and lime vinagreta. $15
Contigo, San Francisco CA

This was such a great salad. It was bright and fresh and the dungeness crab tasted delicious. I also really loved the beautiful, multicolored chicories that they used especially the pink-splotched variety. Noms!

Hand picked dungeness crab salad - Contigo
Chicories, clementines, avocado, fennel, lime vinagreta.
January 26, 2014

Pier 43 Ferry Arch
Pier 43 Ferry Arch, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Poached eggs with wild mushrooms – Cafe Chloe

Poached eggs with wild mushrooms - Cafe Chloe
With sage-truffle beurre blanc, mixed green salad with asparagus and citrus. $12.75
Cafe Chloe, San Diego CA

Omg, another delicious brunch dish from Cafe Chloe! The sauteed wild mushrooms combined with the beurre blanc sauce and runny poached eggs created heaven on a plate. Noms!

It's Panda Monium
“It’s Panda Monium” wall graffiti, downtown San Diego.

Cocktails – M.Y. China

Monkey King cocktail - M.Y. China
Monkey King. St. George’s B&E bourbon, creme de peche liqueur, gum, forbidden bitters, ginger and ginseng tincture. $12
M.Y. China, San Francisco CA

I’ll admit that the Monkey King cocktail was delicious and neatly made, but you’d expect that for a small $12 cocktail. The service, on the other hand, was a mess!

Old fashioned cocktail - M.Y. China
Old fashioned cocktail. Bourbon, bitters, sugar, citrus. $12

Bart rider
Random guy on Bart with a dog carrier on his back with a full sized bulldog inside. Oh, the things you see on Bart…

Louisiana blue crab and P.E.I. mussels bomba rice – Beast and the Hare

Louisiana blue crab and P.E.I. mussels bomba rice - Beast and the Hare
With chorizo and citrus relish. $17
Beast and the Hare, San Francisco CA

I was confused with the plateware. Omg, my entree bowl looked like it was appetizer sized! I noticed at other tables the the pasta was also served in these tiny bowls. They definitely looked inappropriately small. Besides that, I did enjoy this dish. It was nice and citrus-y, but I did think that the blue crab got lost among everything else. And the price seemed a bit steep for the four pieces of mussels and flaked crab. Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience but a few things, primarily that unacceptable wait between courses, just needed to be tweaked.

Wind sculpture, Helen Diller Playground
Wind sculpture at the Helen Diller Playground, Mission Dolores Park.

Roasted baby beet salad – Trio Restaurant

Roasted baby beet salad - Trio Restaurant
Baby beets, mixed greens, pecans, blue cheese, citrus sections, balsamic vinaigrette. $9
Trio Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

You can’t really tell, but there are tiny pieces of roasted beets in there – I swear! That was another disappointing thing about this restaurant – if I’m ordering a beet salad, I think the beets should be a prominent component! Ugh!

North Palm Canyon Drive nearing sunset
North Palm Canyon Drive nearing sunset.