Gnocchi with milk-braised pork – Pesce

Gnocchi with milk-braised pork - Pesce
Maiale al latte. Pancetta, sage. $14
Pesce, San Francisco CA

I was surprised when this came out and it was almost a thick soup. When I read gnocchi, I thought it was gonna be a dry pasta dish. It’s pretty great that chefs can prepare food in so many ways. This dish was super rich and hearty, but it wasn’t my favorite. I’m not sure that I liked the gnocchi as a soup after all.

AT&T Park
AT&T Park.


Warm hand pulled mozzarella – Ragazza

Warm hand pulled mozzarella - Ragazza
With heirloom tomatoes, brown butter and sage. Banquet-style dinner
Ragazza, San Francisco CA

Simple dishes with quality products are the absolute best! This was SO yummy! I love mozzarella and heirloom tomtatoes so it’s not a surprise that I would like this dish, but they added even more flavor with the brown butter and fried sage so I was a total fan.

California lilac
California lilac (Ceanothus sp., Rhamnaceae), Land’s End.

Poached eggs with wild mushrooms – Cafe Chloe

Poached eggs with wild mushrooms - Cafe Chloe
With sage-truffle beurre blanc, mixed green salad with asparagus and citrus. $12.75
Cafe Chloe, San Diego CA

Omg, another delicious brunch dish from Cafe Chloe! The sauteed wild mushrooms combined with the beurre blanc sauce and runny poached eggs created heaven on a plate. Noms!

It's Panda Monium
“It’s Panda Monium” wall graffiti, downtown San Diego.

Autumn chestnut ravioli – Maven

Autumn chestnut ravioli - Maven
Golden apple, sage, maitake, sherry. Bloomspot 4-course chef’s tasting menu with cocktail pairings for two.
Maven, San Francisco CA

I purchased a Bloomspot dining certificate for this restaurant because I wanted to try it out for the first time. Overall, the food and cocktails were good and the certificate proved to be a great value (unlike some others I’ve purchased). All the food were shared plates, and we were pleasantly surprised at the generous portions we received especially with this pasta course. There were plenty of ravioli to share between us and the dish tasted amazing!

Fireside Cocktail - Maven
Fireside Cocktail: rye, chestnut, apple, cinnamon, lemon, egg white.

The cocktails ended up being smaller portions than normal, but I didn’t mind since we were served different cocktails with each course. I didn’t want to get too drunk, hehe. I enjoyed the Fireside cocktail and thought it paired wonderfully with the chestnut ravioli.

Place setting - Maven
Place setting.

Brunch plate 3 – Wicked Spoon Buffet

Brunch plate 3 - Wicked Spoon Buffet
Roasted beet salad with citrus and goat cheese, home made Italian sausage, goat cheese ravioli with fried sage. Brunch buffet $22
Wicked Spoon Buffet, Las Vegas NV

This was definitely a heavy plate! The beet salad was delicious and the citrus wedges helped to lighten things up. The Italian sausage tasted great, but omg, it was super fatty. The ravioli wasn’t as tasty as it looked. It was too soft and mushy and drowning in butter.

Herb roasted chicken – Firewood Cafe

Herb roasted chicken - Firewood Cafe
1/2 rotisserie chicken marinated in olive oil, fresh sage, rosemary and garlic. Served with fire-roasted new potatoes and bread. $9.75
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

I love the rotisserie chicken at Firewood. They’re always moist, tender, and full of flavor! It’s a great value and the potatoes make the perfect side.

Herb roasted chicken - Firewood Cafe
Another night, another 1/2 chicken! I’m such a creature of habit, lol!

Purple potato bush (Solanum rantonnetii, Solanaceae), Dolores Street
Purple potato bush (Solanum rantonnetii, Solanaceae), Dolores Street. Also called Royal Robe Paraguay Nightshade. A house down the street has this bush in front and it blooms like crazy!