The Double Blind – The Sexton

The Double Blind - The Sexton

Bourbon, lemon-sage shrub, ginger beer, angostura bitters. $9
The Sexton, Seattle WA

Mmm, this drink was mightly tasty! And I loved the while cassette tapes used for the bar counter. 🙂

Waterfront Whimsea

Waterfront Whimsea, commissioned by the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID), Pier 57-59.


Brunch cocktails – Chambers Eat + Drink

Spa collins cocktail - Chambers Eat + Drink

Spa collins: gin, basil, mint, cucumber, orange, citrus, ginger beer. $11
Chambers Eat and Drink, San Francisco CA

I loved brunch cocktails, especially when they’re expertly made. These cocktails were ok. The Spa Collins was on the tart side and the Bloody Mary was on the bland side. I did really enjoy the Lucky Lemonade though!

Lucky lemonade cocktail - Chambers Eat + Drink
Lucky lemonade: bourbon and house made lemonade. $8

Bloody mary cocktail - Chambers Eat + Drink

Bloody mary: the traditional favorite made with house sambal and vodka. $9

Cocktails – RN74

It was our first time here at RN74, and it’s super cute! I loved the old school train station board that lists the wine prices every hour or so. The service was great, but we were seating in a tight row of 2-tops so Silverfox got a little annoyed and claustrophobic. We tried a few of their cocktails and they were pretty good!
RN74, San Francisco

Pimm's 74 cocktail RN74

Pimm’s 74 – housemade Pimms, campari, ginger beer, prosecco. $10
This came in a huge wine glass and it was fun and fruity tasting!

Manhattan cocktail RN74

Manhattan with Maker’s Mark bourbon, vermouth. $10
Pretty tasty.

Frisco Fizz cocktail RN74

Frisco Fizz – rum, port, lemon, egg white, seltzer. $10
This was very interesting. It tasted dark, rich, and slightly sweet.

Cocktails – Hog & Rocks

Tom Collins Hog & Rocks

Tom Collins: Gordon’s gin, lemon, simple syrup, soda, garnished with lemon slice and cherry.  $6 happy hour

Dark & Stormy Hog & Rocks

Dark & Stormy: Coruba dark rum, bundaberg ginger beer, lime juice, garnished with lime slice.  $6 happy hour
Hog & Rocks, San Francisco

Have I ever mentioned that I love happy hour, lol!  These drinks were particularly delicious, and even more so at the discounted prices.  The Tom Collins was refreshing and light while the Dark & Stormy was dark and had a great ginger flavor.  I also love it when drinks are served tall (they last longer)!