Afternoon drinks – Toad Hall

Afternoon drinks - Toad Hall

Bourbon lemonades and a cape cod.
Toad Hall, San Francisco CA

If you follow my posts regularly, you might get the impression that I’m an alcoholic, but I’m really not! My friends are, lol! I actually rarely drink these days if you can believe that. 🙂

Calibrachoa flowers
Pink and yellow Calibrachoa flowers (Solanaceae), Castro.

Brunch cocktails – Chambers Eat + Drink

Spa collins cocktail - Chambers Eat + Drink

Spa collins: gin, basil, mint, cucumber, orange, citrus, ginger beer. $11
Chambers Eat and Drink, San Francisco CA

I loved brunch cocktails, especially when they’re expertly made. These cocktails were ok. The Spa Collins was on the tart side and the Bloody Mary was on the bland side. I did really enjoy the Lucky Lemonade though!

Lucky lemonade cocktail - Chambers Eat + Drink
Lucky lemonade: bourbon and house made lemonade. $8

Bloody mary cocktail - Chambers Eat + Drink

Bloody mary: the traditional favorite made with house sambal and vodka. $9

Cocktails – Escena Lounge & Grill

Cocktails - Escena Lounge & Grill

Dirty Blonde: Makers Mark, Dekuyper peach schnapps, lemonade, mint. $10
Escena Martini: Pearl cucumber vodka, Beefeater gin, tonic, lime juice, cucumber garnish. $12
Escena Lounge & Grill, Palm Springs CA

Mmm, a couple of refreshing cocktails on a warm sunny day. You can’t beat that!

Assorted rolls - Escena Lounge & Grill
Assorted rolls. Complimentary

Idyllwild country
View of Idyllwild country from Mt. San Jacinto.

Lemon Bulleit cocktail – South Beach Bar & Grille

Lemon Bulleit cocktail - South Beach Bar & Grille
Bulleit bourbon, lemonade, splash of soda. $6 each
South Beach Bar & Grille, San Diego CA

After getting into bourbons, I’ve been constantly surprised at what actually tastes good as a mixer. This was the first time I had a bourbon lemonade and I loved it! I’ve been ordering this drink at bars ever since. Hehe!

City of San Diego bike racks
City of San Diego bike racks and beach cruiser.