Panko chicken tenders – Lookout

Panko chicken tenders - Lookout
Served with sriracha honey mustard and chipotle ranch dipping sauces. $8
Lookout, San Francisco CA

I’m kinda surprised that I like all the updated bar food at Lookout. These tenders were juicy and nicely fried, and I liked the interesting dipping sauce flavors.

Tex-Mex style queso – Lookout

Tex-Mex style queso - Lookout
Creamy cheese dip with homemade tortilla chips. $9
Lookout, San Francisco CA

Ugh, why is queso so delicious, but so horrible for you?! I don’t really care because I will eat this any day, lol! This wasn’t the best queso ever but it does the trick when you’re drinking. 🙂