Spicy basil chicken – Chili Cha Cha 2

Spicy basil chicken - Chili Cha Cha 2
Basil, peppers, garlic, onions, chili. $9.95
Chili Cha Cha 2, San Francisco CA

This was ok, I liked the flavors enough, but the dish was really oily and the chicken was a bit on the dry side.

Chilled tomato basil soup – The Beauty Shop Restaurant

Chilled tomato basil soup - The Beauty Shop Restaurant
Cup $5
The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Memphis TN

This chilled soup was REALLY good! It had a wonderful tomato basil flavor, and I loved its thick consistency. Yum! This was very refreshing to eat on a warm day.

Lorina French blood orange drink - The Beauty Shop Restaurant
Lorina French blood orange drink.

Eric’s spicy eggplant – Eric’s Restaurant

Eric's spicy eggplant - Eric's Restaurant
Eggplant with chicken, shrimp, red bell pepper, and basil in a special spicy sauce. $11.95
Eric’s Restaurant, San Francisco CA

The price has gone up since last time, but only slightly. I still really like this dish from Eric’s. There’s a good variety of flavors and the sauce is tasty. It could be a bit spicier though since it’s advertised that way.

Hanoi style beef noodle soup – Basil Leaf Asian Cuisine

Hanoi style beef noodle soup - Basil Leaf Asian Cuisine
Pho bo. Lightly stir-fried eye round steak, ginger and garlic served with fresh noodle. Small $7.50
Basil Leaf Asian Cuisine, Fremont CA

This soup was pretty good, but I didn’t like that the beef weren’t all sliced in cross section so that some of the slices were a bit difficult to chew. The broth had great flavor though!

Basil, sprouts, and lime - Basil Leaf Asian Cuisine
Basil, sprouts, and lime.