Craft cider and beer – The Noble Fir

Habanero Cider - The Noble Fir
Habanero Cider, Finnriver Cidery, Chimacum, WA. $8
The Noble Fir, Seattle WA

Mmm, both these glass were really tasty! The habanero cider had just the right amount of habanero flavor without getting too hot and making it unpleasant to drink. And the Imperial Red with chocolate was bold and delicious.

Red Sea Imperial Red with Chocolate - The Noble Fir
Red Sea Imperial Red with Chocolate, Caldera/Big Island Collab, Portland, OR. $9

Chicken noodle soup – Pho 2000

Chicken noodle soup - Pho 2000
Pho ga. Sliced chicken breast with flat rice noodles, onions, and chives. Served with basil, greens, limes, and habanero peppers. Regular 65,000 VND
Pho 2000, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

This was the first real meal we had in Vietnam and it was pretty good. The broth was delicious and it was SUPER cheap! The place was packed with tourists and locals alike. This is when I realized that we would be served lots of random greens that we wouldn’t recognize, and also that restaurants charge for wet naps. 🙂

Soup accompaniments - Pho 2000
Basil, leaf stalks that I’ve never seen before, limes, and habanero peppers.

Ben Thanh Night Market
Ben Thanh Night Market. Watch out for the crazy scooters zipping by while the market is setting up!

Sausage corn dogs – Mission Bowling Club

Sausage corn dogs - Mission Bowling Club
Served with habanero crema. $7
Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco CA

Sausage corn dogs - Mission Bowling Club
These corn dogs were really good. I liked that the sausages were first grilled before being battered and deep fried. I also enjoyed the ratio of sausage to batter. I’m not a fan of corn dogs that are mostly batter. The pork sausage with fennel tasted great and the batter was also flavorful. The habanero crema was subtle but had a nice habanero flavor and slight heat. The texture was a bit odd.

Mission Bowling Club entrance

Mission Bowling Club entrance. At the other end of the front patio there’s a really cool hanging installation that I think is made of many tin disks strung together (if I remember correctly).

Rough cut tuna “nachos” – Mesa Grill

Rough cut tuna "nachos" - Mesa Grill
Mango-habanero hot sauce, avocado crema. $18
Mesa Grill, Las Vegas NV

Mmm, this was SO good but I think it was a little overpriced for such a small portion. I know it’s Las Vegas but this seemed overtly expensive. I loved that the tuna pieces were quite large, it made for a more substantial feel. It was difficult to tear some of the pieces apart though because the connective membranes hadn’t been cut all the way through. Kinda lame.

White and blue corn tortilla chips - Mesa Grill
White and blue corn tortilla chips.

Rough cut tuna "nachos" - Mesa Grill
A delcious bite.

Mixto ceviche – Pisco Latin Lounge

Mixto ceviche Pisco Latin Lounge

Mexican mahi mahi, habanero, baby octopus, tiger prawns, tomato, meyer lemon, avocado. $12
Pisco Latin Lounge, San Francisco

This was very tasty! Maybe a little on the citrus-y side, but it had lots of flavor. I love the pieces of octopus tentacles, they were fun to eat. I didn’t like that it was served in a martini glass though, especially one with such a small base. It’s always difficult to pass around and I’m always afraid that I’ll tip it over since it’s so top heavy.

Habanero salsa – Papalote Mexican Grill

Project 365: Day 35

Slept in this morning since I had to work til midnight last night. It’s ok that I skipped the gym since I did pushups in the sunroom anyway, lol! Hopefully I don’t have to work another 12 hour day today.

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m super excited about the weekend already. Having dinner with the boys going on the cruise on Saturday, then headed down to San Jose on Sunday. Not really excited about SJ itself, but I am happy to try out some new restaurants!

Habanero salsa Papalote Mexican Grill

Fire roasted tomatoes, fresh onions, expeller pressed canola oil, habanero peppers, cilantro, green onions, fresh garlic, salt, citric. $6.99 per jar
Papalote Mexican Grill, San Francisco

“Habanero. Papalote Roasted Tomato Salsa turns up the heat. The intense spirit of habaero brings new bright and lively colors to our classic salsa. HOT.” – From their sign in the store.

Omg, I walked into Papalote the other day and they now have multiple flavors of their amazing salsa! I grabbed the habanero flavor and it definitely had some heat to it. I wish it was a little spicier, but it was nice that it had some at least. It’s a limited edition flavor so I’m glad that I got to try it before they discontinue it. The jar didn’t last very long at my house – I can eat this stuff like soup!

Habanero salsa Papalote Mexican Grill

Papalote salsa has such a distinct appearance. I served some at a party once and a guest immediately recognized it by its texture and consistency. Now that’s what I call a brand!

Habanero salsa Papalote Mexican Grill

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011, 2012

Achiote braised pork belly tacos – Tacolicious

Achiote braised pork belly tacos Tacolicious

Thick slab of pork belly, tamarindo-habanero salsa, pickled red onions, cilantro on a corn tortilla. Served with pickled vegetables. $4.95 each
Tacolicious, San Francisco

This was the Taco of the Week. Omg, these were SO frickin’ good!!! I could have eaten 10 of these! The pork belly wasn’t overly fatty, but it was SO flavorful and tender. It’s a little bit pricey for a taco, but I’m gonna say it was worth it. Noms!

Trio of salsas Tacolicious

Trio of salsas. I love the salsa that came with the taco. They ranged from mild, medium and hot but none of them were really that hot. They were flavorful though and each of them distinct.