Ceviche tostadas – Frida’s Mexican Grill

Ceviche tostadas - Frida's Mexican Grill
Three tostaditas with fresh fish ceviche and avocado. Happy hour $4
Frida’s Mexican Grill, Napa CA

These definitely weren’t the best ceviche I’ve ever had, but I will say that they were a steal at only four bucks. The fish was a bit on the grainy side and it was overall on the acidic side. Thank goodness for the avocado slice that helped mellow it out.



Taco de chivo – El Norteno Taco Truck

Taco de chivo - El Norteno Taco Truck
Corn tortilla with goat, salsa, onion and cilantro. Served with pickled vegetables. Each $1.75
El Norteno Taco Truck, San Francisco CA

Not many taco trucks serve goat tacos. El Norteno doesn’t serve it every day and they often run out when they do. These tacos were really tasty and the salsa was nice and spicy. Goat has a pretty bold flavor so the salsa and pickled vegetables were great in neutralizing it a bit. For less than two bucks each, these delicious tacos are a must-eat (especially if you have jury duty at the court house across the street)!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Whimsical graffiti mural
Whimsical graffiti mural, Mission.

Holy cow quesadilla – Holy Cow!

Holy cow quesadilla - Holy Cow!
Toasted flour tortilla filled with ground beef and melted mozzarella cheese. Drizzled with garlic mayo and smoky barbeque sauce. 240 PHP
Holy Cow!, Manila PHILIPPINES

Holy cow quesadilla - Holy Cow!
I was excited for this quesadilla, but when it came out there was way too much sauce on top. I certainly like saucy things, but I don’t know if I really wanted that much mayonnaise on my quesadilla. Some of the right flavors were there, but I think the tortillas were old. They tasted a bit musty like it was about to mold.

Palacio del Sana
Palacio del Sana, Intramuros.

Guadalajara combinacion – Casa Azteca

Guadalajara combinacion - Casa Azteca
Chicken enchilada and tamale served with Spanish rice, refried beans, and salad. $12.45
Casa Azteca, Milpitas CA

I usually get the enchilada/chile relleno combination option when it comes to Mexican combos, but for some reason I was craving a tamale. Maybe masa seemed a bit healthier than a deep fried chile stuffed with cheese, but I’m pretty sure they’re both pretty unhealthy overall, lol! Regardless, this was yummy and it hit the spot.

Salad - Casa Azteca
Salad. Not the prettiness salad I’ve had, but I do appreciate that they threw in some beets.

Enchiladas suizas – Casa Azteca

Enchiladas suizas - Casa Azteca
Two corn tortillas filled with beef, covered with a mild red chile sauce and cheese. Topped with guacamole and sour cream. Served with Spanish rice, refried beans, and tortilla soup. $12.95
Casa Azteca, Milpitas CA

This was a great value for only thirteen bucks and everything was pretty good, but all the textures on the enchilada plate were soft. I didn’t mind too much but I wish they would have thrown in something crunchy to balance things out. I think that’s why other places thrown in a small pile of that cheap iceberg lettuce “salad”. You all know what I’m talking about. The tortilla soup was also on the salty side.

Tortilla soup - Casa Azteca
Tortilla soup.

Pork sisig taco – Senor Sisig

Pork sisig taco - Senor Sisig
6″ corn tortilla, onions, lettuce and cilantro cream sauce. $3
Senor Sisig, SF Street Food Festival 2013, San Francisco CA

Ugh! I was really excited to try the sisig taco because I’ve read quite a bit about this food truck. I was sadly disappointed because the pork had an odd flavor and it was WAY too tart. I love sisig, but this didn’t do it for me. Perhaps their burritos are better, but then again it’s the same sisig filling inside. 😦

Senor Sisig truck
Senor Sisig truck at the SF Street Food Festival.

Beef flat enchilada – Chile Pies

Beef flat enchilada - Chile Pies
A New Mexican classic made with housemade corn tortillas, cheese, ground beef, smothered in Christmas sauce (red and green chile sauce), topped with crema, pinto beans, rice and side salad. $13
Chile Pies, San Francisco CA

Last time I was at Chile Pies, I was a little disappointed but this enchilada was fantastic. The ingredients were great and the different chile sauces they used were delicious! It’s a good amount of food so you won’t leave hungry.

Taco plates – Crazy Coyote Tacos

Taco plates - Crazy Coyote Tacos
1 fish taco, 1 steak taco, rice, refried beans, and canned beverage. $8
Crazy Coyote Tacos, Banning CA

Mmm, I love the tacos at Crazy Coyote! The fish taco is still my favorite, but it’s really about that thick corn tortilla. Noms!

Taco plates - Crazy Coyote Tacos
1 steak taco, 1 chicken taco, rice, refried beans, and canned beverage. $8

Teddy Bear chollas
Teddy Bear chollas (Cylindropuntia bigelovii, Cactaceae), Joshua Tree National Park.

Crispy pork street tacos – Velvet Cantina

Crispy pork street tacos - Velvet Cantina
Cilantro chimichurri, tomato tomatillo salsa served on soft corn tortillas with pickled cabbage. $4
Velvet Cantina, San Francisco CA

For a small bite, this street taco definitely packed a punch. It had lots of flavor and the chunks of carnitas were tender and delicious, noms!

Colorful cactus mural

Colorful cactus mural, Potrero Hill.

White tortilla soup – Velvet Cantina

White tortilla soup - Velvet Cantina
Mildly spicy chicken jalapeno broth, shredded chicken, tortilla strips, sour cream empanada. $6.99
Velvet Cantina, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was delicious and I loved the fun sour cream empanada floating on top. That’s a new one for me! The soup had a lot flavor – it could have been spicier for me but that’s a minor complaint.

Velvet Cantina mural
Mexican themed mural outside the restaurant.

Tacos al pastor – La Carta de Oaxaca

Tacos al pastor - La Carta de Oaxaca
Barbecued pork in homemade tortillas with cilantro, onion and hot sauce. $6
La Carta de Oaxaca, Seattle WA

Hmm, again, this tasted good but I wasn’t totally impressed. Perhaps I’m just spoiled from living near the Mission in San Francisco where I can get authentic, delicious tacos any time and for less money.

Raspberry canes
Raspberry canes, Port Orchard.

Mole negro oaxoqueno – La Carta de Oaxaca

Mole negro oaxoqueno - La Carta de Oaxaca
The house specialty. Black mole with chicken, served with white rice and tortillas. $11
La Carta de Oaxaca, Seattle WA

Omg, this was the smallest portion of chicken I have ever received at a restaurant. It was a small chicken thigh with the bone in so you even couldn’t count the volume of the bone! What a joke – this was more a snack than a proper lunch. While the mole was tasty and there was a lot of it on the plate, there was very little protein to enjoy it with. When I have money to throw away, I may return to dine here…

Dilapidated barn
Dilapidated barn, Port Orchard.