Beef flat enchilada – Chile Pies

Beef flat enchilada - Chile Pies
A New Mexican classic made with housemade corn tortillas, cheese, ground beef, smothered in Christmas sauce (red and green chile sauce), topped with crema, pinto beans, rice and side salad. $13
Chile Pies, San Francisco CA

Last time I was at Chile Pies, I was a little disappointed but this enchilada was fantastic. The ingredients were great and the different chile sauces they used were delicious! It’s a good amount of food so you won’t leave hungry.


Pozole verde – Puerto Alegre

Pozole verde - Puerto Alegre
House specialty, a special blend of chicken, pork, hominy, ham, and bacon in a green stew made with chiles and tomatillos. With lime, lettuce, and radish. $10.85
Puerto Alegre, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was very tasty but I think I’ll order a regular (non-green) pozole next time. I guess that I’m just not a huge fan of tomatillo based soups and salsas. I’d much prefer tomatoes. 🙂

Chilaquiles – Starbelly

Chilaquiles - Starbelly
House made chorizo, eggs, corn chips, chile sauce and cilantro, house salad with goat cheese and tomatoes. $12
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

Noms, this was SO good! I loved the house made chorizo and the sauteed chilies mixed into the scramble. Mmm, I’m hungry just thinking about this dish again! Definitely not an authentic chilaquiles, but it was packed with delicious flavors.

Pink 'Coral Seas' passion flowers (Passiflora jamesonii, Passifloraceae)

Pink ‘Coral Seas’ passion flowers (Passiflora jamesonii, Passifloraceae), 25th Street. These passion vines are just around the corner from my house. I don’t think the color combinations are as dramatic as some other passion flowers, but I don’t mind. The solid pink petals are stil beautiful!

Camarones a la diabla – Firefly

Camarones a la diabla - Firefly
Shrimp in a spicy chile sauce with grilled bread. $10
Firefly, Las Vegas NV

Camarones a la diabla - Firefly
Omg, this tasted just like sweet and sour shrimp! Ok, I’ll admit that I actually liked this dish because, well, I love sweet and sour anything but it wasn’t very Spanish. This could have been served at a Chinese restaurant and I wouldn’t be able to differentiate the flavor profiles. And where was the heat?!

Pan roasted black mussels – Starbelly

Pan roasted black mussels - Starbelly
Mexican chorizo, market chiles and cilantro. $10
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

Noms, I’m in love! It’s difficult to tell from this pic, but there are actually quite a lot of mussels in this bowl. The sauce with the chorizo and chiles is to die for! Mmm, I’m getting hungry again!

Pan roasted black mussels - Starbelly
July 30, 2014. Still as delicious as ever! The cilantro were wilted and sad though.

Skygate sculpture by Roger Barr, near Pier 39

Skygate sculpture by Roger Barr, near Pier 39. It stands 27 feet high, 17.5 feet wide, and is made of mirror-polished stainless steel.