Herbed scramble – Odettes Eatery

Herbed scramble - Odettes Eatery
Halloumi, broccolini, date chutney, Midnight Baker bread. $20 NZD
Odettes Eatery, Auckland NZ

Mmm, this scramble was really delicious and I liked the fluffy texture of it. The halloumi cheese was good too, but maybe there was a bit too much of it.

Cucumber Fizz cocktail - Odettes Eatery
Cucumber Fizz: prosecco, elderflower, apple. $16 NZD

Roti bread – PokPok Thai Restaurant

Roti bread - PokPok Thai Restaurant
$4 NZD
PokPok Thai Restaurant, Auckland NZ

This roti was pretty good. It was warm and buttery and I liked the slightly crispy and simultaneously chewy texture. The service on the other hand was horrible.