Cavatelli with chorizo ragu – Barzotto

Cavatelli with chorizo ragu - Barzotto
Squash, kale. $15
Barzotto, San Francisco CA

I usually love all the pasta here, but this wasn’t my favorite. It tasted really good, but maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for the kale and squash. I should have stuck with a cheesy, meaty pasta. This was still very flavorful though.


Stracciatella – Rolf and Daughters

Stracciatella - Rolf and Daughters
Zephyr squash, sunflower, aleppo, mint. $14
Rolf and Daughters, Nashville TN

This was tasty, but I wish I could have at least seen the stracciatella without all the stuff on top covering it up. It was weird to have the main ingredient away from view.

Peat Rose cocktail - Rolf and Daughters
Peat Rose cocktail. Rittenhouse rye, apple, lemon, grenadine, Laphroaig. $11

Butternut squash soup – Volt

Butternut squash soup - Volt
Roasted squash, curry spiced granola, toasted coconut, bacon lardons. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

This super was very tasty and I think the curried granola really made it special. It added a unique flavor and need texture to the velvety soup. I will admit that the curry flavor began to dominate everything else towards the end. A very good soup overall.

Bread roll - Volt
Bread roll.

Mimi’s fried chicken dinner – Hutch Bar & Kitchen

Mimi's fried chicken dinner - Hutch Bar & Kitchen
Steamed rice, sherry herb gravy, buttermilk biscuits, squash casserole. Per person $20
Hutch Bar & Kitchen, Oakland CA

Omg, talk about value – there was so much food on this plate for 2 people! We definitely took a lot of this home. The chicken was really good, and I was really happy about the steamed rice. It had a soft consistency almost liked mashed potatoes and tasted great with the sherry herb gravy. The squash casserole was really salty so it wasn’t my favorite. The biscuit tasted good, but were on the hard, dense side.

The Boulevardier cocktail - Hutch Bar & Kitchen
The Boulevardier: Bulleit bourbon, gran classic, aperol, orange twist. $11

Insalata – Roxy’s Cafe

Insalata - Roxy's Cafe
Heirloom Farms mixed greens, shaved squash, seasonal stone fruit, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette. 10-course chef’s tasting menu $75
Roxy’s Cafe, San Francisco CA

I’m not usually a big salad fan – I can take it or leave. But this was really tasty! Surprisingly, my favorite component was the thinly shaved squash. It added an unexpected flavor and texture to the dish. Noms!

Hamon Education Tower view
View toward the Richmond district from Hamon Education Tower Observation Deck.

Green squash and olive vegan focaccia – Arizmendi Bakery

Green squash and olive vegan focaccia - Arizmendi Bakery
With onions and poblano peppers. $2.50
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco

The focaccia bread at Arizmendi is delicious! I’ve found the simpler the toppings, the better. I’ve had the ones with tomato sauce and they weren’t as yummy.

Statue of Miguel Hidalgo, Dolores Park
Statue of Miguel Hidalgo (El Grito de Dolores), Dolores Park. It tucked behind a couple tall purple glory bushes (Tibouchina sp., Melastomataceae).

Classic barbecue baby-back ribs – Ruby Tuesday

Classic barbecue baby-back ribs - Ruby Tuesday
Half-rack slow-cooked for hours then covered with tangy barbecue sauce. With fresh grilled green beans and roasted spaghetti squash. $13.99
Ruby Tuesday, North Charleston SC

Bbq ribs are my weakness! These were good, but definitely on the salty side. I tried ordering “healthier” side options, but they arrived totally drenched in butter anyway so that was pointless.

Garlic cheese biscuits - Ruby Tuesday
Made-from-scratch garlic cheese biscuits. Mmm, these were actually very tasty! They were small but I’m sure they were loaded with calories.

Squash pizza – Beretta

Squash pizza Beretta

Delicious pizza with squash, provolone, prosciutto, onion and goat cheese.  $15
Beretta, San Francisco

I usually don’t go for vegetable pizzas, but this one was spectacular!  Granted it also had prosciutto (that was my compromise, hehe).  You can see that it had SO much squash on it – I kind of felt healthy eating this pizza.  The thin crust was very good and it was sturdy enough to support all the toppings.  It had a nice bite, good char and a great flavor.  Beretta is up there with Delfina Pizzeria as one of the places where I feel confident on consistently getting a delicious pizza!

White sea bass – Bar Agricole

White sea bass Bar Agricole

Tender white sea bass with summer squash, plum tomatoes, purslane(?), saffron and aioli. $29
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

The fish was cooked perfectly, but I must say that the broth stole the show. It was so flavorful and refined. The chunky cuts of plum tomatoes and squash were perfectly proportioned and provided great color. What I didn’t like was the purslane. It looked cool as a garnish, but it was too slimy and the fleshy texture was off-putting. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to eat it, lol!

Sausage and lentil soup – Credo

Sausage lentil soup Credo
Warm soup with sausage, lentils, zucchini, squash, white beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, and topped with chopped parsley.

Credo, San Francisco

This hearty soup tasted surprisingly light considering the amount of ingredients.  The trick to soups with this many vegetables is to cook them all to the same doneness.  Unfortunately, the carrots and white beans in this soup were mushy compared to the other vegetables.  However, it was still a nice, tasty soup for a warm summer day.