Classic barbecue baby-back ribs – Ruby Tuesday

Classic barbecue baby-back ribs - Ruby Tuesday
Half-rack slow-cooked for hours then covered with tangy barbecue sauce. With fresh grilled green beans and roasted spaghetti squash. $13.99
Ruby Tuesday, North Charleston SC

Bbq ribs are my weakness! These were good, but definitely on the salty side. I tried ordering “healthier” side options, but they arrived totally drenched in butter anyway so that was pointless.

Garlic cheese biscuits - Ruby Tuesday
Made-from-scratch garlic cheese biscuits. Mmm, these were actually very tasty! They were small but I’m sure they were loaded with calories.


Classic Sauza Gold margarita – Ruby Tuesday

Classic Sauza Gold margarita - Ruby Tuesday

“Get serious about kicking back with our handcrafted cocktails. These classic recipes make the most of our premium spirits, and at $5 all day, every day, even the price will help you relax.”
Ruby Tuesday, North Charleston SC

Of course, this was weak and watered down. I was really craving the salt though. These chain restaurants never seem to make very good drinks, but I knew that before ordering. Oh well…