Fritto misto – Pesce

Fritto misto - Pesce
Calamari, shrimp, fennel, green beans, zucchini, marinara. $14
Pesce, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love fritto mistos! Who doesn’t love a plate of battered and deep fried seafood and vegetables?! I thought the marinara sauce was a little lame, but I’m not gonna complain too much. 🙂

Fall Smash cocktail - Pesce
Fall Smash: George Dickel rye, maple, lemon, mint, fresh cranberry. $10

Prawns with green beans – Radio Africa & Kitchen

Prawns with green beans - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Almonds and berbere (spice mixture). Pre fixe menu
Radio Africa & Kitchen, San Francisco CA

I really liked these prawns – they had a lot of flavor. They were probably on the verge of being overcooked so they could have been a bit more tender, but I still liked the dish overall.

Sparkling rose wine - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Sparkling rose wine.

Classical guitar jukebox monkey
Classical guitar jukebox monkey, Valencia Street.

Dried sauteed string beans – Jasmine Tea House

Dried sauteed string beans - Jasmine Tea House
Hmm, this was greasier than I like it and also really salty from the soy sauce. I was expecting something flash sauteed in a wok and with lots of garlic or something. I didn’t know they were gonna drench it in soy sauce so I probably won’t order this again. $7.95
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

Contours in the Air sculpture

Contours in the Air sculpture, Ruth Asawa, de Young Museum.

Butter basted eggs – Nopa

Butter basted eggs - Nopa
Broccoli de ciccio, green beans, soft polenta and parmesan. $14
Nopa, San Francisco CA

This was pretty tasty and I loved the smoky flavor of the roasted broccoli, but there really wasn’t much food in this little bowl. I was still hungry after eating this especially after the wait to get seated and then to receive the actual food. Perhaps they could considering adding a bit more food in the future because this wasn’t very satisfying.

Red-tipped echeveria

Red-tipped echeveria (Crassulaceae), West Field Road.

Garlic string beans – Dumpling Empire

Garlic string beans - Dumpling Empire
Ugh, these tasted fine but they were pretty greasy and quickly became limp and sad. Perhaps they were overcooked (as evidenced by their heavily blistered skin) or perhaps they got overly steamed during transport, but I didn’t enjoy them either way. That makes me sad because I love string beans! $6.95
Dumpling Empire, South San Francisco CA

Large artichoke agave
Large artichoke agave (Agave parryi var. truncata, Agavaceae), West Field Road.

Fried pickled green beans – Jarred SF Brine

Fried pickled green beans - Jarred SF Brine
With aioli dipping sauce. $3
Jarred SF Brine, SF Street Food Festival 2013, San Francisco CA

These beans were very pickled tasting which was great, but they were SUPER greasy. I ate a couple and didn’t want to finish the rest. It was like chomping on a sticks of oil! And I can appreciate that they’ve prepared a lot of beans for the Street Food Festival, but they could have at least cleaned up the stems. Definitely not one of the highlights of the day.

Kanrin Maru plaque
Commemorative plaque to Japanese Naval Ship Kanrin Maru, Lands End. From here, you can get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

String bean beef – Red Jade

String bean beef - Red Jade
This dish was pretty tasty and not too greasy. I liked how they used larger cuts of beef so that they’re still recognizable as such. The beef was also properly cut in cross section for ease of chewing. And the was plenty of flavorful string beans. $8.95
Red Jade, San Francisco CA

Bbq pork buns - Red Jade
Steamed bbq pork buns. Complimentary

Spotted succulent
Spotted succulent (Aloe?), West Field Road.