Roast chicken with gravy – United Airlines

Roast chicken with gravy - United Airlines
Served with potatoes, carrots, green beans, side salad, dinner roll, and cream crackers.
London (LHR) to San Francisco (SFO), United Airlines

The chicken doesn’t look very appetizing, but it was actually palatable with the salty gravy on top. The carrots and beans were way overcooked and had the consistency of soft food for the elderly. I’m not a salad person so I just picked at a few lettuce leaves. This was another underwhelming dinner service from United Airlines. Please, let me fly first class next time!

Jubilee Market Hall
Jubilee Market Hall, Covent Garden.


Grilled lamb chops – La Comete

Grilled lamb chops - La Comete
Cotes d’agneau grillees aux fines herbes. With haricot vert and frites. 12,50€
La Comete, Paris FR

Mmm! While the lamb chops were tasty, they weren’t butchered very cleanly. The cuts looked beat up and a bit ragged and sad. The French fries weren’t as good as those of our previous meal, but at least they weren’t gross and greasy. But I do love green beans!

Wines - La Comete
Red and white wines.

Menu - La Comete

Place Vendome Column

Place Vendome Column. This beautiful column is covered with 425 spiraling bas-relief bronze plates and topped with a statue of Napoleon.

Salade Comete – La Comete

Salade Comete - La Comete
Smoked salmon, mushrooms, tomato, haricot vert, cucumber, hard boiled egg. 9,90€
La Comete, Paris FR

We were searching for an early, small dinner but all the restaurants/cafes were packed. It was such a warm evening that we really wanted to sit outside at a sidewalk table to enjoy the weather and to people watch. Everybody else seemed to eat outside regardless so why not do the same? We walked around for quite some time before we ended up at Cafe La Comete.

Our initial idea of getting a small meal quickly ended when we realized the portions were quite large! The prices were, however, much more reasonable than our first meal in Paris (which I thought was slightly overpriced). The food here was good, but nothing special. I’d never seen a salad completely veiled in thin layer of smoked salmon though – that was new. Our waiter was really cool, a little rough around the edges but friendly and accommodating (and easy on the eyes). We haven’t really had to fumble with our French at all so far since everyone speaks English anyway.

French baguette - La Comete
French baguette. Complimentary

Place setting - La Comete
Place setting.

Jardin de l'Hotel-de-Sens
Jardin de l’Hotel-de-Sens, Le Marais. We were walking around the neighborhood near our hotel and passed by this cute garden with low hedges and beautiful flowers. I also love the red accents on the building’s dormers.

Roasted chicken and potato gnocchi – Briscola

Roasted chicken and potato gnocchi - Briscola
House made potato gnocchi served with braised chicken, summer corn, roasted red peppers, green beans and finished with parmesan cheese. $18
Briscola, Reno NV

Is it just me or does this look like barf on a plate? The presentation is a joke! I should have known not to order this when the the title and description of the dish had contradicting information – roasted or braised chicken? I didn’t enjoy this dish one bit. The sauce was disgusting and tasted like it was out of a can. For some reason I imagined a substantial piece of chicken, not mutilated bits thrown in with the random veggies and gummy gnocchi. They should advertise this dish as their buffet leftovers gnocchi plate, seriously.

As a whole, this meal was a disaster and I would not recommend this place to anyone. The service was horrible and the food was marginal. Argh!

Red wines - Briscola

Rodney Strong, cabernet sauvignon, Sonoma 2010. $10
Columbia Crest “Les Cheveaux”, Washington 2010. $8
These wines were decent, but honestly their wine menu is definitely lacking for a “high end” restaurant.

Focaccia - Briscola
Focaccia. Complimentary

Chopped tree trunks
Chopped tree trunks, Mount Rose Summit Trail.

Charleston shrimp – McCrady’s Restaurant

Charleston shrimp - McCrady's Restaurant
Heirloom cauliflower, field peas and pole beans, vegetable and saffron emulsion foam, sorrel. 4 course dinner $60
McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston SC

Charleston shrimp - McCrady's Restaurant
I’m used to having shrimp and grits when I visit Charleston, but this was a nice change. The shrimp were beautifully cooked, and I was surprised at how much I liked the vegetables underneath. While this dish could have veered toward the heavy side, the individual flavors remained delicate and unmuddled. I will say that the dish as a whole was on the salty side. I think the sauce underneath could have been the culprit. 😦

Dining tables opposite bar - McCrady's Restaurant
Dining tables opposite the bar. These tables are in a sort of alcove which provides a little privacy.

Spicy grilled catfish – Cracker Barrel

Spicy grilled catfish - Cracker Barrel
Two farm-raised catfish fillets, macaroni n’ cheese and country green beans. $9.69
Cracker Barrel Restaurant, North Charleston SC

Oh well for my attempt to order something healthy. These catfish fillets were pan fried in LOTS of butter. They tasted good, but I really wasn’t in the mood for another heavy meal. I can’t pass up mac & cheese though! This version was pretty good!

Turnip greens - Cracker Barrel
Turnip greens with pork bits.

Corn muffins - Cracker Barrel
Made-from-scratch corn muffins and butter.