Charleston shrimp – McCrady’s Restaurant

Charleston shrimp - McCrady's Restaurant
Heirloom cauliflower, field peas and pole beans, vegetable and saffron emulsion foam, sorrel. 4 course dinner $60
McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston SC

Charleston shrimp - McCrady's Restaurant
I’m used to having shrimp and grits when I visit Charleston, but this was a nice change. The shrimp were beautifully cooked, and I was surprised at how much I liked the vegetables underneath. While this dish could have veered toward the heavy side, the individual flavors remained delicate and unmuddled. I will say that the dish as a whole was on the salty side. I think the sauce underneath could have been the culprit. 😦

Dining tables opposite bar - McCrady's Restaurant
Dining tables opposite the bar. These tables are in a sort of alcove which provides a little privacy.

Spicy grilled catfish – Cracker Barrel

Spicy grilled catfish - Cracker Barrel
Two farm-raised catfish fillets, macaroni n’ cheese and country green beans. $9.69
Cracker Barrel Restaurant, North Charleston SC

Oh well for my attempt to order something healthy. These catfish fillets were pan fried in LOTS of butter. They tasted good, but I really wasn’t in the mood for another heavy meal. I can’t pass up mac & cheese though! This version was pretty good!

Turnip greens - Cracker Barrel
Turnip greens with pork bits.

Corn muffins - Cracker Barrel
Made-from-scratch corn muffins and butter.

Classic barbecue baby-back ribs – Ruby Tuesday

Classic barbecue baby-back ribs - Ruby Tuesday
Half-rack slow-cooked for hours then covered with tangy barbecue sauce. With fresh grilled green beans and roasted spaghetti squash. $13.99
Ruby Tuesday, North Charleston SC

Bbq ribs are my weakness! These were good, but definitely on the salty side. I tried ordering “healthier” side options, but they arrived totally drenched in butter anyway so that was pointless.

Garlic cheese biscuits - Ruby Tuesday
Made-from-scratch garlic cheese biscuits. Mmm, these were actually very tasty! They were small but I’m sure they were loaded with calories.

Turkey dinner – Jake’s on Market

Turkey dinner - Jake's on Market
Organic free-range turkey, house-made stuffing, whipped potatoes, green beans, cranberry orange compote, homestyle gravy. $15.50
Jake’s on Market, San Francisco CA

Wow, this was definitely Thanksgiving on a plate! It had all the wonderful components of a traditional Turkey-Day dinner, that’s for sure. And everything tasted great. Horrible for the waistline, perfect for the soul!

Roasted duck, Chinatown

Roasted duck, Chinatown. I can get a lot of different food in this city. These look delicious!

BBQ baby back ribs – Tyler Florence Rotisserie

Project 365: Day 61

Flew back from Ohio through Chicago this morning. Caught a 9am flight and was able to get back to San Francisco before 1pm and was able to squeeze in a few hours of work before the day was over. Love visiting Codes, but also glad to be back home.

BBQ baby back ribs Tyler Florence Rotisserie

With a macaroni with local cheeses and sauteed green beans. $13.50
Tyler Florence Rotisserie, SFO San Francisco

I love Terminal 2 at the San Francisco International Airport. It’s small, clean, and has amazing food options (for an airport). These ribs were tasty and reasonably priced. I really enjoyed the macaroni and cheese with the chunky bread crumb topping. The green beans – not so much.

Salisbury steak – Orphan Andy’s

Salisbury steak Orphan Andy's

Fresh ground beef smothered with mushrooms, grilled onions and brown gravy. Served with a biscuit, green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy. $11.85
Orphan Andy’s, San Francisco

Uh, this was disgusting! It was a really bad version of cafeteria food. You know I love gravy, so I thought it can’t be that bad if it’s doused in gravy. Yes it can! The gravy wasn’t good and everything was SO bland and disgusting. This was an ordering experiment that should not be repeated!

Minestrone soup Orphan Andy's

Side of minestrone soup. Obviously from a can and not even heated well.

Batter fried green beans – COCO500

Batter fried green beans COCO500

These were tasty but a little too oily. I was the first person at the restaurant for happy hour so maybe the fryer hadn’t come to temperature yet when they made this batch. I was NOT impressed. I did, however, love the dill dipping sauce. $7
COCO500, San Francisco

This was the only mediocre thing I had at the restaurant, though. Everything else was delicious! I sat at the bar and the bartender gave amazing service.

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