Batter fried green beans – COCO500

Batter fried green beans COCO500

These were tasty but a little too oily. I was the first person at the restaurant for happy hour so maybe the fryer hadn’t come to temperature yet when they made this batch. I was NOT impressed. I did, however, love the dill dipping sauce. $7
COCO500, San Francisco

This was the only mediocre thing I had at the restaurant, though. Everything else was delicious! I sat at the bar and the bartender gave amazing service.

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Marinated local sardines – COCO500

Marinated local sardines COCO500

Yum! These sardines were delicious! They’re topped with a mixture of what looks like shallots, chives and olive oil. The fish had a great rich flavor but wasn’t too overly fishy tasting. I cut the fillets into small chunks and ate them on top of the sliced baguette. Noms! $5 for happy hour
COCO500, San Francisco

Baguette and olive oil COCO500

Baguette and olive oil. Complimentary.