Cornmeal fried local sardines – Starbelly

Cornmeal fried local sardines - Starbelly
Arugula, cherry tomato and anchovy remoulade. $10
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

These sardines had really good flavor, but they were greasy! Ew. You get two decent pieces, but they also put SO much anchovy remoulade on the plate that it makes the sardines look inadequate. The remoulade was delicious, but the amount was excessive.

Fried local sardine sandwich – Starbelly

Fried local sardine sandwich - Starbelly
Sauce remoulade, tomato and arugula with French fries.
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

The service was SO slow and ineffective during this visit that the sardines and fries were cold upon arrival – FAIL! I’ve even heard from friends who agree that this place has gone downhill. That’s unfortunate because I really liked this place.

Random parking lot mobile

Random parking lot mobile, Castro Street.

Marinated local sardines – COCO500

Marinated local sardines COCO500

Yum! These sardines were delicious! They’re topped with a mixture of what looks like shallots, chives and olive oil. The fish had a great rich flavor but wasn’t too overly fishy tasting. I cut the fillets into small chunks and ate them on top of the sliced baguette. Noms! $5 for happy hour
COCO500, San Francisco

Baguette and olive oil COCO500

Baguette and olive oil. Complimentary.

Monterey sardine and avocado toast – Contigo

Monterey sardine and avocado toast Contigo

Wood oven roasted Monterey sardine and avocado with pickled onions and smoked salt. $2.50
Contigo, San Francisco

I know that sardines tend to be super oily and fishy tasting, but this one was especially so. In addition, it was hard to bite through. I love the concept of this, but the sardine was way too overpowering. It was pretty to look at! 🙂

Wood oven roasted local sardine and avocado toast - Contigo
Each $3
January 24, 2014