Cheddar jalapeno cornbread – The Fremont Diner

Cheddar jalapeno cornbread - The Fremont Diner
With honey and butter. $3.50
The Fremont Diner, Sonoma CA

This corn bread was delicious! I’m amazed how tall and thick it was and it was still cooked evenly. It was packed with so much flavor and it tasted even better with more butter and dipped in a bit of honey. Mmm…

Pork rib and catfish combo – Sandra Dee’s Barbeque & Seafood

Pork rib and catfish combo - Sandra Dee's Barbeque and Seafood
String beans, mac & cheese, hush puppy, cornbread muffin. 2 item combo $16
Sandra Dee’s Barbeque & Seafood, Sacramento CA

I liked most of the items on this plate. The bbq pork ribs were delicious, tender, and the bbq sauce had a nice heat to it. The mac and cheese was oozy-gooey and just the way I like it! The catfish strips were tiny and not properly cleaned (there was a lot of that gross silver crap that gives it a metallic flavor), and the muffin was a dense, dry hockey puck. The beans were fine, and the hush puppy was slightly greasy. I don’t know if I’d go running back when in the Sacramento area because there are other bbq places to try first.

Cheese arepa – Roxy’s Cafe

Cheese arepa - Roxy's Cafe
Sweet white corn bread, Howard McGinnis Ranch fresh berries, homemade ice cream. 10-course chef’s tasting menu $75
Roxy’s Cafe, San Francisco CA

This dessert was very tasty and I liked that it wasn’t super sweet. The warm cheese arepa was delicious and slightly savory which was a great contrast to the sweet berries and ice cream. I also loved the colors on the plate.

Robert Emmet statue
Robert Emmet statue, California Academy of Sciences.

Smokehouse baby back ribs – Brookwood Farms BBQ

Smokehouse baby back ribs - Brookwood Farms BBQ
With macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and a fried pickle. $11.99
Brookwood Farms BBQ, Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Again, wow! The restaurants at CLT sure know how to pack your plate at really good values. Twelve bucks wouldn’t get you much at most airports, but this was a whole lotta food! I loved the mac ‘n cheese, and the ribs tasted decent but they had an odd texture. Everything together was maybe a little too salty for my taste.

Rustic skillet – Crave

Rustic skillet - Crave
Country ham, red bliss potato hash, caramelized onion, roasted red bell peppers, all sauteed together served with scrambled eggs and topped with black pepper gravy. Includes corn bread muffins, fresh fruit, and coffee. $11
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

Argh, this looked SO good on the menu but it was SO frickin’ salty! And you know it’s gotta be super salty if I’m complaining because I’m usually a total salt monger. The ham and the gravy were the saltiest coomponents, but after a while everything just tasted salty and I had to stop eating.

Cornbread muffin - Crave
Cornbread muffin with butter. Mmm, these were SO delicous, warm, and fluffy!

Basket of corn bread – Jestine’s Kitchen

Basket of corn bread - Jestine's Kitchen
With honey butter. $1.95
Jestine’s Kitchen, Charleston SC

Corn bread - Jestine's Kitchen
I’m not sure if it was the actual corn bread or the honey butter that made these SO good, but they were irresistible! I could have eaten the entire basket all by myself!

Sweet homemade pickles - Jestine's Kitchen
Sweet homemade pickles. Complimentary. I’d rather have these free, delicious pickles than free dinner rolls any day!

United States Custom House, East Bay Street

United States Custom House, East Bay Street. Construction of this building first started in 1853 and was finally completed in 1879.

Spicy grilled catfish – Cracker Barrel

Spicy grilled catfish - Cracker Barrel
Two farm-raised catfish fillets, macaroni n’ cheese and country green beans. $9.69
Cracker Barrel Restaurant, North Charleston SC

Oh well for my attempt to order something healthy. These catfish fillets were pan fried in LOTS of butter. They tasted good, but I really wasn’t in the mood for another heavy meal. I can’t pass up mac & cheese though! This version was pretty good!

Turnip greens - Cracker Barrel
Turnip greens with pork bits.

Corn muffins - Cracker Barrel
Made-from-scratch corn muffins and butter.

Carolina shrimp and grits – The Glass Onion

Carolina shrimp and grits - The Glass Onion
With andouille sausage and braised tomatoes. $17
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

This dish was pretty good with great flavor. I loved the texture of the grits, but the shrimp may have been a little overcooked. Not too much, but they were definitely not as tender as I would have liked. Also, I did want to mention that the service was a bit awkward.

Cornbread and honey - The Glass Onion
Cornbread drizzled with honey. These were delicious and I wish I had requested another round!

Doubletree Guest Suites Charleston-Historic District

Lobby of the Doubletree Guest Suites Charleston-Historic District. Sat here several times waiting for my friend to get ready before heading out to dinner, hehe!

Jennie Ruth’s deviled eggs – The Glass Onion

Jennie Ruth's deviled eggs - The Glass Onion
$0.75 each
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

Jennie Ruth's deviled eggs - The Glass Onion
Yum! These were small, but they were packed with flavor. The texture of the whipped yolk filling was light and creamy. A delicious starter for the meal!

Cornbread with honey - The Glass Onion
Cornbread drizzled with honey. Complimentary. These were SO good! They were super moist and flavorful and the honey gave the perfect amount of sweetness.

St. Philip's Church

St. Philip’s Church. We were bar hopping one night and I snagged this quick shot of one of Charleston’s beautiful landmarks.

Liberty Farm Pekin duck – The French Laundry

Liberty Farm Pekin duck - The French Laundry
Cornbread, cavolo nero, bean puree and barrel-aged maple. Chef’s Tasting Menu $270
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

This tasted amazing, but I wish that the duck skin had been seared. The fat underneath was pretty thick and it was difficult to cut and chew through. A good sear would have made eating it a little easier. The cornbread cubes were perfectly cut and were SO flavorful. I was afraid that this dish was gonna be too salty, but it was perfectly seasoned.

The French Laundry signage

Signage at the front of the restaurant.