Croustillant de porc au miel – Le Zinc

Croustillant de porc au miel - Le Zinc
Pork tenderloin wrapped in a crispy “brik”, braised fennel, roast potatoes, honey sauce. $26
Le Zinc, San Francisco CA

This was lovely, but it was almost too much food. I really enjoyed it but I couldn’t finish all of it and it seemed like the kind of dish that would make for horrible leftovers. #firstworldproblems

Croustillant de porc au miel - Le Zinc


Steak tartare – Le Zinc

Steak tartare - Le Zinc
Raw, seasoned ground beef, mixed greens, cornichons. $13
Le Zinc, San Francisco CA

This wasn’t my favorite. The beef had an odd flavor and the tartare wasn’t chopped all the way through. I would try to retrieve a small amount only to realized that most of it was still connected. Hmm. I really didn’t even want to eat the entire thing.

Butternut squash risotto – Garcon

Butternut squash risotto - Garcon
Chanterelles mushrooms, swiss chard, truffle emulsion, parmesan. $21
Garcon, San Francisco CA

This risotto wasn’t a success in my book. The risotto was overcooked and way too soft. The truffle emulsion also added to the soft and runny texture when mixed with the risotto. It had nice flavors, but I couldn’t get over the baby food texture. Hmm…

Pork tenderloin – Garcon

Pork tenderloin - Garcon
White cheddar grit cake, bacon, Swiss chard, prosciutto wrapped peaches, pork jus. $27
Garcon, San Francisco CA

My favorite part of this dish was the prosciutto wrapped peaches! They were so juicy, sweet and savory. The pork was cooked pretty well too, still tender and also flavorful. I thought the grit cakes looked better on paper than what was actually served.