S’mores pie – McDonald’s

S'mores pie - McDonald's
Rich chocolate and decadent marshmallow fillings baked side-by-side in a sweet, graham cracker crust.
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

S'mores pie - McDonald's
Yuck! I did not enjoy this. The chocolate and marshmallow fillings oddly had the same weird, spongey texture. You could taste how processed it was, and the flavors weren’t even that good.

S'mores pie - McDonald's
I always feel that I should try new fast food products so I can personally know if they’re any good, but maybe I shoudl rethink that…

5 thoughts on “S’mores pie – McDonald’s

  1. I have not been to McDonald’s in years. I was surprised they have a S’More Pie. I guess by your taste test, maybe not much longer : )

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