Cheeseburger deluxe value meal – McDonald’s

Cheeseburger deluxe - McDonald's
Beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, special mayo. Served with French fries and a drink. 149 PHP
McDonald’s, Boracay PHILIPPINES

OK, this is the last McDonald’s pic for a while, lol! Promise. This cheeseburger was pretty standard and very similar to those in the US. It did it’s job and kept us going between “real” meals. 🙂

French fries - McDonald's
French fries.

Station 2 beach
Beach time, Station 2.


Crispy chicken fillet – McDonald’s

Crispy chicken fillet - McDonald's
Served with rice and gravy. 60 PHP
McDonald’s, Boracay PHILIPPINES

Lol, this is how I like my McDonald’s chicken – served with gravy and rice! This will never happen in the States, but it really should. I mean fast food is super unhealthy already in the US, why not add a side of gravy, lol! For real though, this was delicious. 🙂

Boracay Regency boat shuttle
Boracay Regency boat shuttle.

McSpicy sandwich – McDonald’s

McSpicy sandwich - McDonald's
Spiced whole chicken meat topped with lettuce and special mayo. 99 PHP
McDonald’s, Boracay PHILIPPINES

We caved in and got McDonald’s because it was close to our section of the beach and we needed an afternoon snack. I think this McSpicy sandwich is much better than the McChicken sandwiches back in the States. Hmm, screwed once again.

McFloat - McDonald's
McFloat. 22 PHP

Boracay Regency beach section
Boracay Regency beach section of Station 2.

Mighty wings – McDonald’s

Mighty wings - McDonald's
Bone-in chicken wings in a bold, spicy breading. 480 calories, 31g fat. Five piece $5.09
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

Maybe it’s because of all the commercials with Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco, but I finally ordered these wings to see if they were worth it. My verdict is that they’re not very good. They were super greasy and while they were of decent size, you can get cheaper and better wings elsewhere. I love me some chicken wings, but these did not satisfy my cravings.

Oreo cookie McFlurry – McDonald’s

Oreo cookie McFlurry - McDonald's

Soft serve reduced fat vanilla ice cream mixed with Oreo cookies. 340 calories, 11g fat. $1
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

Ho hum. I needed a little treat in the afternoon so I went out and got a nostalgic McFlurry. The Oreo cookie flavor is definitely the best! Mmm… I can’t believe the snack size is a whopping 340 calories though! I guess that’s why it’s a “treat”.

White iris flower
White iris flower (Iridaceae), West Field Road.

Chicken McNuggets – McDonald’s

Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's
“Tender, juicy Chicken McNuggets made with white meat, wrapped in a crisp tempura batter Made for sharing, if you want ’em all to yourself, then that’s our little secret.” With tangy barbeque dipping sauce. 950 calories, 60 g fat. 20 piece $4.99
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

The product descriptions on company websites are always SO funny. We all know that McNuggets are rarely tender or juicy and the spongy meat puree they’re made of no longer resembles white chicken meat. But I’ll admit that my brain has subscribed to all the advertisements since childhood and I sporadically crave these horrible snacks. I was particularly hungry so I ordered the 20 piece, lol! What?! It’s a value! 🙂

Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's
March 11, 2015. 20 piece $5

Bridge, San Francisco Bay Trail
Bridge along the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Spicy chicken McBites – McDonald’s

Spicy chicken McBites - McDonald's
“Poppable pieces of tender chicken breast with the perfect balance of heat and flavor.” 410 calories, 25 g fat. Regular $2.99
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

I really need to stop going to fast food joints to try their newest offerings. I’m always disappointed! These McBites were super dry and not very flavorful. Definitely not worth the calories.

Spicy chicken McBites - McDonald's

With sweet and sour sauce in the sauce bin.

Spicy chicken McBites - McDonald's

S’mores pie – McDonald’s

S'mores pie - McDonald's
Rich chocolate and decadent marshmallow fillings baked side-by-side in a sweet, graham cracker crust.
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

S'mores pie - McDonald's
Yuck! I did not enjoy this. The chocolate and marshmallow fillings oddly had the same weird, spongey texture. You could taste how processed it was, and the flavors weren’t even that good.

S'mores pie - McDonald's
I always feel that I should try new fast food products so I can personally know if they’re any good, but maybe I shoudl rethink that…

McRib – McDonald’s

McRib McDonald's

Processed pork and filler in the shape of “ribs” with a tangy bbq sauce, topped with pickles and onions.
McDonald’s, South San Francisco

Every time the McRib comes back on the menu at McDonald’s for a limited time, I’m somehow compelled to buy one knowing full well that it’s gonna suck!  And true to my expectations, this weird creation tasted like crap.  I remember loving these as a kid.  Perhaps they’ve changed recipes or perhaps my tastes have changed that drastically, but I still find myself buying one every time in a futile attempt to taste a little bit of my childhood.  😦