Mighty wings – McDonald’s

Mighty wings - McDonald's
Bone-in chicken wings in a bold, spicy breading. 480 calories, 31g fat. Five piece $5.09
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

Maybe it’s because of all the commercials with Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco, but I finally ordered these wings to see if they were worth it. My verdict is that they’re not very good. They were super greasy and while they were of decent size, you can get cheaper and better wings elsewhere. I love me some chicken wings, but these did not satisfy my cravings.

12 thoughts on “Mighty wings – McDonald’s

  1. I’m laughing because there was an article where Mc donalds were trying to get rid of their 17 million pounds of surplus Mighty wings. They claim that people weren’t as excited about them as anticipated.

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