McSpicy sandwich – McDonald’s

McSpicy sandwich - McDonald's
Spiced whole chicken meat topped with lettuce and special mayo. 99 PHP
McDonald’s, Boracay PHILIPPINES

We caved in and got McDonald’s because it was close to our section of the beach and we needed an afternoon snack. I think this McSpicy sandwich is much better than the McChicken sandwiches back in the States. Hmm, screwed once again.

McFloat - McDonald's
McFloat. 22 PHP

Boracay Regency beach section
Boracay Regency beach section of Station 2.


11 thoughts on “McSpicy sandwich – McDonald’s

  1. This is like the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe we have in Malaysia. One of my faves at the local McDo. I noticed that they didn’t have it in Europe when I was studying there.. must be a S/E Asian thing.

    • Yeah, it’s cool that fast food restaurant have menu items that appeal to the local market, but at the same time I think that other countries get way better options than we do in the US. 😦

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