Oreo cookie McFlurry – McDonald’s

Oreo cookie McFlurry - McDonald's

Soft serve reduced fat vanilla ice cream mixed with Oreo cookies. 340 calories, 11g fat. $1
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

Ho hum. I needed a little treat in the afternoon so I went out and got a nostalgic McFlurry. The Oreo cookie flavor is definitely the best! Mmm… I can’t believe the snack size is a whopping 340 calories though! I guess that’s why it’s a “treat”.

White iris flower
White iris flower (Iridaceae), West Field Road.

Chocolate Oreo pudding – Virgin Atlantic

Chocolate Oreo pudding - Virgin Atlantic

Dessert and coffee service. Complimentary.
San Francisco (SFO) to London (LHR), Virgin Atlantic

I’m not a big pudding fan, and this didn’t change my mind. The texture of pudding is SO off-putting for me that I can’t get past it most of the time. The Oreo cookie bits were also really soft in this thing. Not a fan of this one. I love the multilingual coffee cup though!