Chicken McNuggets – McDonald’s

Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's
“Tender, juicy Chicken McNuggets made with white meat, wrapped in a crisp tempura batter Made for sharing, if you want ’em all to yourself, then that’s our little secret.” With tangy barbeque dipping sauce. 950 calories, 60 g fat. 20 piece $4.99
McDonald’s, South San Francisco CA

The product descriptions on company websites are always SO funny. We all know that McNuggets are rarely tender or juicy and the spongy meat puree they’re made of no longer resembles white chicken meat. But I’ll admit that my brain has subscribed to all the advertisements since childhood and I sporadically crave these horrible snacks. I was particularly hungry so I ordered the 20 piece, lol! What?! It’s a value! 🙂

Chicken McNuggets - McDonald's
March 11, 2015. 20 piece $5

Bridge, San Francisco Bay Trail
Bridge along the San Francisco Bay Trail.

4 thoughts on “Chicken McNuggets – McDonald’s

  1. Yes… I agree they are addictive! I also think it’s funny that in addition to reviewing non-chain foods, you throw a review of a chain food item up here every now and then!

  2. Bad McNuggets!! But sooooo good! We always have it with Curry Sauce here. The sauce is so popular, once there was a shortage (for whatever reason). And it opened a floodgate of petitions online to bring it back. Lol.

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