Crispy chicken fillet – McDonald’s

Crispy chicken fillet - McDonald's
Served with rice and gravy. 60 PHP
McDonald’s, Boracay PHILIPPINES

Lol, this is how I like my McDonald’s chicken – served with gravy and rice! This will never happen in the States, but it really should. I mean fast food is super unhealthy already in the US, why not add a side of gravy, lol! For real though, this was delicious. 🙂

Boracay Regency boat shuttle
Boracay Regency boat shuttle.

6 thoughts on “Crispy chicken fillet – McDonald’s

  1. It’s interesting to me how McDonald’s can surprise us from country to country. The fried chicken doesn’t surprised me, although we don’t have it in Canada, but the rice wrapped like a burger is amusing.

  2. Hi I have seen what other countries serve at Mc.D’s (.I mean not up close eating ) But from what I read other countries have different meals because its what the area likes and makes their customers happy. Like China would be different than India or Japan.. We serve what we are use to eating . But it would be so cool if someone who owned a Mcd’s would have different items like noodles or just something what other countries have know(here ) what I mean.? Well Thanks for showing this I like this blog;) Wish I could open a MD that serves what other do and call it European Mds:)Not just burgers but noodles veggieburgers etc..Cool;0)Oh in Las Vegas MD has pizza …can’t remember what else..

    • You’re completely right! I just feel that I end up liking other countries McD’s offerings than those available in the US. The food quality also is better in other countries than the McD’s here in the states.

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