Oysters on the half shell – Garcon

Oysters on the half shell - Garcon
With pink peppercorn. Each $3
Garcon, San Francisco CA

These oysters were very tasty and the pink peppercorn vinaigrette was a great accompaniment. They did a very good job cleanly shucking them too.

Sparkling brut rose - Garcon
Sparkling brut rose, Pierre Brecht, Cremant d’Alsace. $11

Assiette de pate maison – Maximilien

Assiette de pate maison - Maximilien
House made pate with dijon, house pickles. $15
Maximilien, Seattle WA

I liked this pate. It was chunky, flavorful and had a good flavor. The cornichons and pickled vegetables were also tasty and everything was lovely together. What wasn’t lovely was the sour attitude of the front host. He was a total happy mood killer.

Baguette and butter - Maximilien
Baguette and butter.

Gravlax de saumon maison en salade – Maximilien

Gravlax de saumon maison en salade - Maximilien
Vodka and dill house cured salmon, chive creme fraiche, shaved fennel, dill and salmon roe. $14
Maximilien, Seattle WA

I didn’t like the host at all and his horrible attitude left a bad taste in my mouth. The salmon was good and it looked pretty appetizing. Our bartender was also friendly but I really couldn’t enjoy myself after having dealing with the asshole host!

Knob Creek old fashioned - Maximilien
Knob Creek old fashioned.

Sweetbreads Grenobloise – Monsieur Benjamin

Sweetbreads Grenobloise - Monsieur Benjamin
Sweet onion, capers, brown butter. $18
Monsieur Benjamin, San Francisco CA

This dish was very tasty and comforting, but I’m not sold on the eighteen dollar price tags especially since it was pretty small. The sweetbreads were cooked perfectly though and the grenobloise preparation was delicious. I also thought that the presentation was simple and attractive.

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Leffe Blonde beer - Monsieur Benjamin
Leffe Blonde. $8

Sea urchin – Monsieur Benjamin

Sea urchin - Monsieur Benjamin
Uni with white verjus. $14
Monsieur Benjamin, San Francisco CA

This was a lot of uni for me. As a sea urchin novice, I’m still trying to appreciate the taste and texture of this delicacy. I’ve had some bad uni in the past, so I’m always hesitant and sometimes scared to try more. I felt like Monsieur Benjamin wouldn’t serve bad quality uni, so I gave it a go. It tasted great, but some of the pieces were on the verge of too slimy for me. I probably would have been happy with just the piece on top.

Moules frites – Aquitane

Moules frites - Aquitane
Fennel, saffron bouillon, garlic-parsley batonnes, served with fries. $15
Aquitane, San Francisco CA

Meh, I wasn’t impressed. The flavors were ok, but the mussels were small, a bit dry and shriveled. Even the toast was gummy and hard to chew.

Frites - Aquitaine
These frites were just ok for me. If you’re going to be on some food list, you better be frickin’ amazing, but there just weren’t. They were limp and soggy, and a bit greasy – definitely what you’re looking for in amazing French fries. Boo!

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

Iced tea - Aquitane
Iced tea.

Tartare of filet mignon – Central Michel Richard

Tartare of filet mignon - Central Michel Richard
Served with French fries. Lunch set $25
Central Michel Richard, Washington DC

Tartare of filet mignon - Central Michel Richard
This beef tartare was delicious, but I thought it was a bit weird to serve fries with it. I would have preferred something flat to easily eat the tartare with. The French fries were good though!

National World War II Memorial
National World War II Memorial – “Washington”.

Blanquette de veau – Monsieur Benjamin

Blanquette de veau - Monsieur Benjamin
Veal, Paris mushrooms, pearl onions, steamed potatoes. $28
Monsieur Benjamin, San Francisco CA

This dish lacked the warmth and comfort that comes with good French food. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted fine, it was beautifully plated, and the technique was there but it didn’t draw any emotion from my while I ate. Sad…

Driving on the 101
Driving on the 101.