Pork rib and catfish combo – Sandra Dee’s Barbeque & Seafood

Pork rib and catfish combo - Sandra Dee's Barbeque and Seafood
String beans, mac & cheese, hush puppy, cornbread muffin. 2 item combo $16
Sandra Dee’s Barbeque & Seafood, Sacramento CA

I liked most of the items on this plate. The bbq pork ribs were delicious, tender, and the bbq sauce had a nice heat to it. The mac and cheese was oozy-gooey and just the way I like it! The catfish strips were tiny and not properly cleaned (there was a lot of that gross silver crap that gives it a metallic flavor), and the muffin was a dense, dry hockey puck. The beans were fine, and the hush puppy was slightly greasy. I don’t know if I’d go running back when in the Sacramento area because there are other bbq places to try first.

Half rack BBQ rib plate – Big Jake’s Island BBQ

Half rack BBQ rib plate - Big Jake's Island BBQ
Served with rice, coleslaw, and baked beans. $18.95
Big Jake’s Island BBQ, Captain Cook HI

This was pretty good. The ribs were tender and juicy, but I wish the bbq sauce had more flavor and punch. It tasted kinda flat. The plate was quite substantial though which I needed after our kayaking adventure. You’ll notice that the pic is kinda foggy – that’s because my iPhone fell into Kealakekus Bay (see story below)!

Kayaking in Kealakekua Bay

We spent a wonderful morning kayaking to Captain Cook’s Monument, watching spinner dolphins frolicking near us, and snorkeling around the State Park. On our way back to the pier, we noticed that a rather larger couple had capsized their kayak in the middle of the Bay and were having difficulty getting back in. After some time, the woman was able pull herself back into the kayak only to immediately fall back out. So we paddled to them and noticed they were clearly exhausted from multiple attempts to reboard their vessel. They had lost all their snorkeling gear and were just trying to stay afloat at that point. So we decide to rescue them. David, who was in the rear of our two-seat kayak, grabbed hold of their kayak with the couple in tow, leaving myslef with the only free arms to single-handedly paddle four people and two kayaks back to the pier! Needless to say, this took a LONG time and great amount of effort.

When we finally reached the pier, the couple was helped up by some of the guys working the kayak rentals and I pulled myself back onto the pier. As I did so, my iPhone that I had wedge into my life jacket for easy access to take photos and video of the dolphins, broke loose and dropped straight down into the Bay! Argh! I immediately dove down after it and finally located it at the bottom after multiple attempts. My poor baby! It still turned on, the lens was wet (hence the foggy pics), but I was worried that the damage would slowly reveal itself. When we got back to the hotel, I put my iPhone in a bag of rice that we picked up at Costco and forced myself not to turn it on for an ENTIRE night (this was really hard for me, lol)! The good news is that the iPhone still works and I still have it today. The camera lens eventually dried out. The bad news is that the WiFi connectivity got fried, but thank god I have unlimited data. Lesson learned: No good deed goes unpunished!