Strawberry cobbler – The Glass Onion

Strawberry cobbler - The Glass Onion
This was VERY good! I loved the ooey, gooey texture of the warm strawberry filling and the soft, caramely crust. The dish was quite large for a single person but I ate it all up anyway, hehe! The perfect ending to a great meal!
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

George Washington statue, Washington Square Park

George Washington statue in Washington Square Park. ‘Ole George lords over the many visitors in this quaint park.


Carolina shrimp and grits – The Glass Onion

Carolina shrimp and grits - The Glass Onion
With andouille sausage and braised tomatoes. $17
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

This dish was pretty good with great flavor. I loved the texture of the grits, but the shrimp may have been a little overcooked. Not too much, but they were definitely not as tender as I would have liked. Also, I did want to mention that the service was a bit awkward.

Cornbread and honey - The Glass Onion
Cornbread drizzled with honey. These were delicious and I wish I had requested another round!

Doubletree Guest Suites Charleston-Historic District

Lobby of the Doubletree Guest Suites Charleston-Historic District. Sat here several times waiting for my friend to get ready before heading out to dinner, hehe!

Jennie Ruth’s deviled eggs – The Glass Onion

Jennie Ruth's deviled eggs - The Glass Onion
$0.75 each
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

Jennie Ruth's deviled eggs - The Glass Onion
Yum! These were small, but they were packed with flavor. The texture of the whipped yolk filling was light and creamy. A delicious starter for the meal!

Cornbread with honey - The Glass Onion
Cornbread drizzled with honey. Complimentary. These were SO good! They were super moist and flavorful and the honey gave the perfect amount of sweetness.

St. Philip's Church

St. Philip’s Church. We were bar hopping one night and I snagged this quick shot of one of Charleston’s beautiful landmarks.

Cocktails – The Glass Onion

Blenheim Julep - The Glass Onion

Blenheim Julep – Makers Mark bourbon, lemon, mint, and spicy Blenheim ginger ale. $7

Classic champagne cocktail - The Glass Onion

Classic Champagne Cocktail – Bubbly and bitters, brown sugar cube. $7
The Glass Onion, Charleston SC

Mmm, these cocktails were yummy and pretty cheap as cocktails go. The Blenheim Julep was fruity and refreshing and the Classic Champagne Cocktail was bright and bubbly. Perfect when combined with a delicious meal.

Charleston Waterfront Park
View of Charleston Waterfront Park from Charleston Harbor. I love the row of Sabal Palmetto trees lining the waterfront pathway.