Mimosa – Crave

Mimosa - Crave

Mmm, mimosa time! Mimosas always indicate weekend brunch to me, and I’ll never turn one down. Here’s to the weekend! Two for $5 with brunch entree
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

15-star "Star Spangled Banner" American flag, Fort Moultrie
15-star “Star Spangled Banner” American flag, Fort Moultrie. They changed the flag from 13 to 15 stars with the addition of Vermont and Kentucky to the Union.

Rustic skillet – Crave

Rustic skillet - Crave
Country ham, red bliss potato hash, caramelized onion, roasted red bell peppers, all sauteed together served with scrambled eggs and topped with black pepper gravy. Includes corn bread muffins, fresh fruit, and coffee. $11
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

Argh, this looked SO good on the menu but it was SO frickin’ salty! And you know it’s gotta be super salty if I’m complaining because I’m usually a total salt monger. The ham and the gravy were the saltiest coomponents, but after a while everything just tasted salty and I had to stop eating.

Cornbread muffin - Crave
Cornbread muffin with butter. Mmm, these were SO delicous, warm, and fluffy!

Bloody mary – Crave

Bloody mary - Crave

This was a REALLY good deal! I guess they want to get you drunk early on – that’s my kinda place! They came is pretty large glasses and tasted great! Two for $5 with brunch entree
Crave, Mount Pleasant SC

Fort Sumter view from Fort Moultrie
Looking out towards Fort Sumter from Fort Moultrie. I still haven’t toured Fort Sumter located at the mouth of Charleston Harbor. It’s on my list, hehe.