Combination won ton soup – Jasmine Tea House

Combination won ton soup - Jasmine Tea House
Pork dumpling, chicken, snow pea, carrot, onion, bok choy. Bowl $7.95
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

I liked this soup even though it was a bit on the salty side. They definitely don’t skimp of the won tons! Mmm.

Basil chicken – Jasmine Tea House

Basil chicken - Jasmine Tea House
Red bell pepper, zucchini, mushroom, garlic and basil. $9.50
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

This was a pretty standard dish and not very exciting. They do give you a lot of chicken though which is great, but the sauce was a bit bland and boring.

Shanghai fillet – Jasmine Tea House

Shanghai fillet - Jasmine Tea House
Marinated flounder fillet fried to golden brown topped with pine nuts and light sweet and spicy sauce. $11.95
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

Ugh, this was not the best item to order for delivery. By the time it made it to my place, the battered exterior was soft and soggy from the sauce and being steamed from the closed container. The sauce itself was very good either. I definitely wouldn’t order this again (even for dine in).

Szechuan beef – Jasmine Tea House

Szechuan beef - Jasmine Tea House
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

I’m a sucker for salty, deep fried, saucy Chinese food so this dish was right up my alley! They pack a lot of food into those delivery containers so I can’t complain. The beef is probably not the best quality, but I really like the flavor of the dish and they can make it on the spicier side too.

Justin Herman Plaza
Justin Herman Plaza, Embarcadero Center.

Yangtze spareribs – Jasmine Tea House

Yangtze spareribs - Jasmine Tea House
Marinated tender spareribs BBQ with chef’s special light honey sauce. $11.95
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

Meh, I wasn’t a fan of these spareribs. The chef’s special sauce wasn’t very tasty and you couldn’t taste much honey. You would think that a honey sauce would have some sweetness and thickness to it, but this was somewhat bland and runny. The meat was also on the tough and dry side. I wouldn’t order this again.

Holiday topiaries

Holiday topiaries, Embarcadero Center.

Mongolian beef – Jasmine Tea House

Mongolian beef
This dish was really good. There was a lot of tender slices of beef in there and they also packed in a lot of onions, scallions, garlic, and chilies. Definitely worth a re-order. $8.75
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

Poison oak
Young poison oak leaves (Toxicodendron diversilobum, Anacardiaceae), Bon Tempe Lake.