Hot and sour soup – P.F. Chang’s

Hot and sour soup - P.F. Chang's
Cup $2
P.F. Chang’s, Memphis TN

I’m not a fan of restaurant chains, but this soup was pretty good! I liked that it was on the spicy side (and salty, but I like salty). Yum!


Seafood combination clay pot – Makli Chinese Cuisine

Seafood combination clay pot - Makli Chinese Cuisine
Combination of scallop, prawn, cod fish, black mushroom, deep fried tofu. $11
Makli Chinese Cuisine, San Francisco CA

For eleven bucks, this was great! There was plenty of seafood and everything was tender and juicy. Not old and tough like some seafood dishes from cheap Chinese restaurants you sometimes encounter. The sauce was also very tasty and not overpowering.

Yuppie scum fuck off
“Yuppie scum fuck off” sidewalk stencil. Someone must not like yuppies!

Hot and sour soup – Makli Chinese Cuisine

Hot and sour soup - Makli Chinese Cuisine
Thick broth cooked with black fungus, bamboo shoots, tofu, scallion, vinegar, pepper. Cup $2
Makli Chinese Cuisine, San Francisco CA

I was skeptical of this place at first because it was a random Chinese restaurant that took over the closed down Daimaru Japanese restaurant space. We went here for dinner and had a pretty good experience. The service was friendly and the food was pretty good. These two dollar soups are a great value. I could categorize it as more of a bowl than a cup! The soup was nice and spicy and had a nice, deep flavor.

The Castro
The Castro.

Tofu kimchi – K-pop

Tofu kimchi - K-pop
Sliced tender prime pork marinated in spicy sauce, pan fried with kimchi and tofu. $13.95
K-pop, San Francisco CA

The menu description made it seem like the tofu was incorporated in the pan fried pork and kimchi mixture. I was kind of annoyed when the dish arrived and there were large slices of fresh tofu on the side. Ugh! The tofu was bland of course so that’s why I was hoping it would have already been added to the spicy kimchi mixture so that it could have acquired some flavor. Otherwise, I like the dish enough.

Steamed rice - K-pop
Side of steamed rice.

de Young Museum

de Young Museum atrium area.

Chicken pad thai – Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Chicken pad thai - Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine
Sliced chicken breast, fried tofu, ground peanuts, rice noodle, sprouts, egg, ordered “hot”. $8.50
Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, San Francisco CA

I love that Sweet Basil Thai actually packs some heat in their dishes. Other Thai restaurant promise heat, but don’t usually deliver. I think they’re afraid they’ll blow out most Americans’ tastebuds. I’ve spent over a month in Thailand and the food is REALLY hot so I can understand their caution. This pad thai was delicious and spicy. It didn’t get me sweating, but it had some welcomed heat after so many bland dishes elsewhere.

Cliff House
Cliff House historic restaurant, Point Lobos Avenue.

Chicken pad thai - Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine
October 2013. Still looks pretty similar.

Stir fry vegetables – Tuk Tuk Noodle Bar

Stir fry vegetables - Tuk Tuk Noodle Bar
Fried tofu, mushroom, green bean, carrot, peas, bamboo shoot, baby corn, broccoli. Set Menu A £11.80 per person
Tuk Tuk Noodle Bar, London ENGLAND

This was a pretty boring and pedestrian dish. The sauce was on the thick side and it was bland. I am glad that they included several kinds of fresh vegetables though, and the fried tofu was a welcomed addition.

Decorative fence detail
Decorative fence detail, Elizabeth Tower.