Ma po tofu – China King Restaurant

Ma po tofu - China King Restaurant
Braised tofu with minced pork, hot pepper sauce, scallions. $6.95
China King Restaurant, Herndon VA

This looks messy and gross, but it tasted great. I appreciated that they kept the pork at a sizable mince (it felt more hearty). This dish could have used a bit more heat, but the flavors were solid.

General Tsao’s chicken – China King Restaurant

General Tsao's chicken - China King Restaurant
Dried chili peppers, green peppers, carrots in chef’s spicy sauce. $8.95
China King Restaurant, Herndon VA

This was a decent dish. I liked the flavor of the sauce and the amount of chicken they gave. I just wish the sauce was less runny and that there chicken wasn’t so heavily breaded.