Barbecued pork fried rice – Jade Cafe

Barbecued pork fried rice - Jade Cafe
Peas, onion, egg, carrot, scallions. $5.80
Jade Cafe, San Francisco CA

This rice was SO frickin’ dry! I’ve made fried rice plenty of times so I know that it’s best made with older-made rice that has had time to dry out a bit. But this rice was pretty inedible. The rice was probably many days old because the grains were so tough and chewy. GROSS!

Peking spicy beef – Jade Cafe

Peking spicy beef - Jade Cafe
With mushrooms and onions. $9
Jade Cafe, San Francisco CA

OK, the amount of oil in this dish is just plain disgusting! I can’t believe that a restaurant can think they can serve something like this. I got sick just trying this dish and had to throw the rest of it away. The beef was tough and flavorless and was more peppered than spicy. I will never order food from this restaurant ever again!

Eggplant with chicken and shrimp – Jade Cafe

Eggplant with chicken and shrimp - Jade Cafe
Green onion and garlic in special sauce. $10
Jade Cafe, San Francisco CA

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth just thinking about this dish. The eggplant was mushy, the chicken and shrimp were overcooked and of poor quality, and there was about 2 cups of rancid oil in there! GROSS, this place serves disgusting food.