Ramen deviled eggs – The Ramen Bar

Ramen deviled eggs - The Ramen Bar
Kizami nori, scallion, bamboo, fried noodles. $4
The Ramen Bar, San Francisco CA

These deviled eggs were a special for the day, so I had to get them. They were actually pretty tasty, and I loved the seaweed and Japanese flavors. Yum!

Agedashi tofu – Wasabi Bistro

Agedashi tofu - Wasabi Bistro
Deep fried tofu served in hot tentsuyu broth topped with bonito flakes and nori. $13
Wasabi Bistro, San Francisco CA

Mmm, deep fried silken tofu! These blocks of goodness were delicious especially with the salty broth and fun, flaky toppings. Noms!

San Francisco Ferry Building
San Francisco Ferry Building.

Big daddy ramen bowl – Hapa Ramen

Big daddy ramen bowl - Hapa Ramen
Pork, fried chicken, roasted vegetables, seaweed, and slow cooked egg, $14
Hapa Ramen, San Francisco CA

This ramen was good, but it wasn’t exceptional so I’m curious why it made the 7×7 list. The pork was tasty and nice and fatty. The fried chicken was bland and a bit oily. The soft boiled egg was perfectly cooked and still oozy inside. The roasted vegetables were good but tasted odd with the broth and actually made the broth taste bitter. The broth itself was a bit salty. The noodles had a great texture, and the soup was very hearty overall.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Yerba Buena Park
Yerba Buena Park.

Dungeness crab noodles – Revel

Dungeness crab noodles - Revel
Seaweed noodle, creme fraiche, spicy red curry, bok choy, cilantro. $16
Revel, Seattle WA

SO good! This was definitely another delicious and comforting dish from Revel. The seaweed noodles were delicious and the large chunks of dungeness crab were nice treats to find in every few spoonfuls. And the spicy red curry sauce brought everything together. Noms!

The Seattle Mural
The Seattle Mural, Paul Horiuchi, Mural Amphitheatre.

Beef dol sot bi bim bap – K-pop

Beef dol sot bi bim bap - K-pop
Rice bowl mixed with cooked vegetables, fried egg, nori and served on a hot stone pot with soup. $14.95
K-pop, San Francisco CA

Mmm, salty beef with rice and a runny egg. Sounds like heaven to me! This is a sizable bowl which is good for the fifteen-buck price tag. Like I’ve said, the food here tends to be on the salty side but the Korean flavors still shine through.

Chicken Korean taco – Namu Gaji

Chicken Korean taco - Namu Gaji
“The Real” Korean taco with chicken, kimchee salsa, kimchee remoulade, seasoned rice, toasted seaweed, and nori. Happy hour $3.50
Namu Gaji, San Francisco CA

Chicken Korean taco - Namu Gaji
March 9, 2014.
Chicken, seasoned rice, daikon kimchee salsa, kimchee remoulade, toasted kim, nori, $3.50

I love the Korean tacos at Namu Gaji and at the Namu food stand previously. They’re packed with flavor and are a great departure from the typical Mission tacos. I will say that the nori was really hard to chew through this time around.

Golden Gate Bridge

Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge, southbound on the 101.