Pollo alla diavola – Alicante

Pollo alla diavola - Alicante
Macadamia crusted chicken scaloppini, spicy tomato sauce, Spanish achovies, patatas bravas. $22 (apparently)
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

OK, this was LAME! We actually had ordered the veal marsala (and were charged for the veal marsala), but we were dining with friends and had a lot of food so by the time our entrees came around, we just went with the flow. The pollo alla diavola dish was decent, but I’m kinda mad that they still charged us for the veal which was $4 more. I don’t have much patience for dishonesty or carelessness.

Tiki pork belly – Mission Chinese Food

Tiki pork belly - Mission Chinese Food
Soy caramel, mandarin orange, pickled pineapple, shaved coconut, macadamia nuts. $10
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this pork belly was SO tasty! I just wish there was more of it, hehe. The thick pieces were pretty fatty but the soy caramel sauce was absolutely addictive. I also loved the fun tropical additions.

Octopus and the Bay Bridge.

Kona kampachi miso macnut brulee – Don the Beachcomber

Kona kampachi miso macnut brulee - Don the Beachcomber
Kona kampachi slices, miso glaze, macnut, scallions, and ogo (seaweed). $12.95
Don the Beachcomber, Kailua-Kona HI

This wasn’t my favorite dish. The miso glaze was really a thick miso sauce and there was A LOT of it. When it was combined with the seaweed, the resulting texture and flavor wasn’t appetizing. It was a salty, briney mess! I ordered this dish because I’d never had kampachi before, but it was nearly impossible to taste it because of all the crap on top. Too bad, perhaps next time…

Kailua Bay
Kailua Bay.

Roasted veggie omelette – Island Lava Java

Roasted veggie omelette - Island Lava Java
A generous whole-egg omelette filled with roasted veggies, Big Island goat cheese, macadamia nut pesto, avocado and parmesan cheese. Served with fresh fruit. $13.25
Island Lava Java, Kailua-Kona HI

Mmm, this omeltte was great and the ingredients were very tasty. I loved the macadamia nut pesto and the large portion. And orchid blossoms in your fruit are always a nice touch! 🙂

Iced Kona coffee - Island Lava Java

100% extra fancy Kona coffee, full city roast, over ice. $3.25

Local musician
We sat outside where they had a local musician serenading us with some Hawaiian flare. He was actually really good and we tipped him accordingly.

“Coffee and doughnuts” – The French Laundry

"Coffee and doughnuts" - The French Laundry
Cinnamon-sugared doughnut holes.

"Coffee and doughnuts" - The French Laundry
“Cappuccino semifreddo”, a mousse-like coffee dessert.
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

I guess this is a Thomas Keller signature combination that’s no longer available on the regular menu. We got it for free at the end of the meal (thanks again Olivia) and they were AMAZING!

Caramel covered macadamia nuts - The French Laundry
They also brought out a bowl of hard caramel-covered macadamia nuts. Yes, please!