Waipi’o stack breakfast – Island Lava Java

Waipi'o stack breakfast - Island Lava Java
Two eggs over easy, stacked on house-made wheat toast with applewood smoked bacon, fresh avocado, tomato, arugula and chipotle aioli. Served with a cup of fresh fruit. $11.95
Island Lava Java, Kailua-Kona HI

This was SO nommy! The bacon was perfect and I loved the chipotle aioli. Even their homemade wheat bread was tasty. I wish the eggs were less fried (they were advertised as over easy) because I love a super-runny yolk but that’s only a minor criticism. Noms!

Waipi'o Valley
We actually drove to Waipio Valley on the north side of the Big Island and it was beautiful and impressive! Although the breakfast stack was delicious, I think the Valley takes the cake. 😉

Roasted veggie omelette – Island Lava Java

Roasted veggie omelette - Island Lava Java
A generous whole-egg omelette filled with roasted veggies, Big Island goat cheese, macadamia nut pesto, avocado and parmesan cheese. Served with fresh fruit. $13.25
Island Lava Java, Kailua-Kona HI

Mmm, this omeltte was great and the ingredients were very tasty. I loved the macadamia nut pesto and the large portion. And orchid blossoms in your fruit are always a nice touch! 🙂

Iced Kona coffee - Island Lava Java

100% extra fancy Kona coffee, full city roast, over ice. $3.25

Local musician
We sat outside where they had a local musician serenading us with some Hawaiian flare. He was actually really good and we tipped him accordingly.