Bread pudding ala mode – Alicante

Bread pudding ala mode - Alicante
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, creme anglaise.
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

This was a very sweet and heavy dessert. I could only take a couple bites then I was finished. It had some good flavors, but was way too sweet for my taste.


Pollo alla diavola – Alicante

Pollo alla diavola - Alicante
Macadamia crusted chicken scaloppini, spicy tomato sauce, Spanish achovies, patatas bravas. $22 (apparently)
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

OK, this was LAME! We actually had ordered the veal marsala (and were charged for the veal marsala), but we were dining with friends and had a lot of food so by the time our entrees came around, we just went with the flow. The pollo alla diavola dish was decent, but I’m kinda mad that they still charged us for the veal which was $4 more. I don’t have much patience for dishonesty or carelessness.

Veal and ricotta meatballs – Alicante

Veal and ricotta meatballs - Alicante
Spaghetti, tomato, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, basil. Half order $8
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

A half order only got you one meatball which was kinda lame, but the singular meatball was tasty and tender. Still, it’s all pasta and the meatball just looked lonely so I don’t think I’d order this again.

San Jacinto Mountains
San Jacinto Mountains.

Pesto chicken pizza – Alicante

Pesto chicken pizza - Alicante
Free-range chicken, pesto, sundried tomato, feta, mozzarella on a gluten-free crust. $13
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

This pizza was pretty good, but I wasn’t sold on the gluten-free crust. It had a weird, hard texture that didn’t sit well with me. It didn’t have that airy, elastic quality that’s SO fulfilling about normal pizza crusts. I sometimes try to eat healthy, but I’ll probably stick to gluten-full pizza crusts, hehe.

Grilled calamari stuffed with spanish chorizo – Alicante

Grilled calamari stuffed with spanish chorizo - Alicante
Fried parsley and capers. $6
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

I don’t think I’ve ever had calamari presented quite like this. Usually when I’ve had stuffed calamari it’s served whole and you cut it yourself, but these were already prechopped into small pieces. They were pretty small and prefect as finger food, but then you had to fiddle with the individual capers.

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park.

Sauteed spicy lime-drizzled shrimp – Alicante

Sauteed spicy lime-drizzled shrimp - Alicante
Garlic, cherry tomato, chilies. $6
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

This dish was light and refreshing, but I guess I was wanting something more rich like a traditional gambas al ajillo. There was more citrus in this preparation than garlic and butter. It was still pretty tasty, but not what I was craving.

Joshua Tree National Park
Large rock formations, Joshua Tree National Park.

Caesar “versione moderna” salad – Alicante

Caesar versione moderna salad - Alicante
Baby romaine leaves, roasted garlic dressing, cherry tomatoes, croutons, white anchovies, grana padano. $10
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

I enjoyed that this salad wasn’t tossed and that you could mixed the ingredients yourself as you liked. The dressing was on the tart side though, but I really liked the whole white anchovies.

Sliced baguette - Alicante
Sliced baguette. Complimentary

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar - Alicante
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar.