Veal sweetbread taco – Pineapple & Pearls

Veal sweetbread taco - Pineapple & Pearls
White mole. Bar seating $180
Pineapple & Pearls, Washington DC

Mmm, these fried sweetbreads were perfect! I love the portions and the fried herbs. This little taco was super delicious and had so many fun textures.


Bucatini with meatballs – Mozzeria

Bucatini with meatballs - Mozzeria
Veal-pork meatball, pomodoro, grana padano. Pre fixe menu
Mozzeria, San Francisco CA

Finally, something that was delicious at Mozzeria! I loved the texture of the pasta. It had a nice bite and was beautifully made. The meatballs were nice and big, and super juicy and flavorful. Unlike the other things I’ve posted from here, I’d eat this again.

Harvest brodiaea
Harvest brodiaea (Brodiaea elegans, Asparagaceae), Bon Tempe Lake.

Veal and ricotta meatballs – Alicante

Veal and ricotta meatballs - Alicante
Spaghetti, tomato, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, basil. Half order $8
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

A half order only got you one meatball which was kinda lame, but the singular meatball was tasty and tender. Still, it’s all pasta and the meatball just looked lonely so I don’t think I’d order this again.

San Jacinto Mountains
San Jacinto Mountains.

Veal picatta – Briscola

Veal picatta - Briscola
Veal cutlets sauteed with white wine, capers, caper berries, lemon, parsley, served with spaghetti tossed with toasted garlic and olive oil. $19
Briscola, Reno NV

The veal was over-breaded and disgusting. For a veal picatta, this dish lacked acid which is surprising considering there are cpares, caper berries, lemon peels, and a citrus based sauced! Then how did the kitchen still accomplish to make it devoid of citrus flavor? The side noodles are a throw away since they lacked any flavor or life, and just take up space. Horrible service and horrible food!

House salad - Briscola
House salad for the table comes with entree orders. Meh.

Galena Creek waterfall

Galena Creek waterfall, Mount Rose Summit Trail.

Jake’s spaghetti and meatballs – Jake’s on Market

Jake's spaghetti and meatballs - Jake's on Market
Beef, pork and veal meatballs slow-cooked in a tomato basil sauce. $14.50
Jake’s on Market, San Francisco CA

Another definite comfort food. The meatballs were super juicy and the sauce was delicious! I liked that they didn’t go overboard with the amount of pasta.

Grated parmesan cheese - Jake's on Market
Extra grated parmesan cheese.

 Hen-and-chicks plants (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)
Large hen-and-chicks plants (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Dolores Street. I love the dramatic, upright inflorescence.