Wagyu filet “carpaccio” – Luce

Wagyu filet carpaccio - Luce
Crispy sweetbreads, barley scented beef consomme, summer truffle. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

Wow, this was a successful dish for me! The thinly sliced beef was delicious and the toasted barley pieces were fun to crunch. The deep aroma of the beef consomme was wonderful and the crispy sweetbreads were rich and tasty too. The summer truffle had a mild aroma, but had a great flaky texture that added to the dish.

Heirloom melon soda - Luce

Heirloom melon “soda” with olive oil.

SF modern home
The evolution of San Francisco homes, Noe Valley. Every now and then you’ll see ultra-modern homes beside your typical SF buildings.

Sweetbread meatball – State Bird Provisions

Sweetbread meatball - State Bird Provisions
With ground pork and veal, vegetables, grated cheese.
State Bird Provisions, San Francisco CA

Needless to say that this meatball was SUPER moist! The sweetbread added a rich flavor and luscious texture to this delicious meatball. Noms!

Red Kangaroo Paw flowers
Red Kangaroo Paw flowers (Anigozanthus sp., Haemodoraceae), West Field Road.