Epic caesar salad – Epic

Epic caesar salad - Epic
Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, bacon, hard-boiled eggs and croutons, creamy parmesan dressing on the side. 265 PHP

Mmm, this salad was really tasty! The ingredients were of good quality and I liked how neatly it was presented for a salad. The thick shavings of parmesan cheese were great on top.

Weng-weng cocktail - Epic
Weng-weng cocktail. Pitcher 580 PHP

Koi pond
Koi pond, Boracay Regency.

Baby field green and fine herb salad – Alamo Square Seafood Grill

Baby field green and fine herb salad - Alamo Square Seafood Grill
With sliced radishes and croutons. Daily 3-course prix fixe $14.50
Alamo Square Seafood Grill, San Francisco CA

This salad doesn’t look very interesting, but it was actually pretty good. It was lightly(!) tossed in a basic vinaigrette which I kinda liked. Overly dressed salads are the worst! And for a very affordable pre fixe, this salad was better than expected.

Pesto and olive oil with bread - Alamo Square Seafood Grill
Pesto and olive oil with bread. Complimentary

Hunters Point
Open Studios at Hunters Point. I love this event because you get to see artwork from a lot of local artists, and you can usually find some good deals. I can’t afford super expensive art so this is a great alternative.

Roasted cauliflower soup – Alamo Square Seafood Grill

Roasted cauliflower soup - Alamo Square Seafood Grill
With croutons and freshly ground black pepper. Daily 3-course prix fixe $14.50
Alamo Square Seafood Grill, San Francisco CA

This restaurant has a great daily prix fixe for under fifteen bucks! The service was a little unfocused, but the food was great especially for the price. This cauliflower soup was tasty and had lots of flavor. It had a fairly light texture which was probably healthier, but with the current cold weather a thicker, creamier based would have been amazing. Ugh, this is why I will never be super skinny! LOL

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Caesar “versione moderna” salad – Alicante

Caesar versione moderna salad - Alicante
Baby romaine leaves, roasted garlic dressing, cherry tomatoes, croutons, white anchovies, grana padano. $10
Alicante, Palm Springs CA

I enjoyed that this salad wasn’t tossed and that you could mixed the ingredients yourself as you liked. The dressing was on the tart side though, but I really liked the whole white anchovies.

Sliced baguette - Alicante
Sliced baguette. Complimentary

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar - Alicante
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Crisp duck leg confit – Foreign Cinema

Crisp duck leg confit - Foreign Cinema
Poached eggs, frisee, endive, five spice cracklings, croutons, sherry vinaigrette. $17
Foreign Cinema, San Francisco CA

Crisp duck leg confit - Foreign Cinema
Omg, this was SO good and everything was cooked beautifully! The duck was delicious as were the poached eggs. The five spice cracklings were a fun and yummy addition.

Branded paper towels - Foreign Cinema
I thought it was cool that Foreign Cinema had branded paper towels in their bathroom. So classy, lol!

Caesar salad – Fork Cafe

Caesar salad - Fork Cafe
Crisp romaine leaves, parmesan, and Fork croutons. $5.95
Fork Cafe, San Francisco CA

I love caesar salads and this one was nicely dressed – not too heavily. The croutons were also very yummy. This was my first visit to Fork Cafe since it replaced Fuzio and for the most part I enjoyed it. The food was decent and the service was excellent. The girl who was walking around as host was super friendly and even served us a complimentary glass of wine as a welcome. Now that’s what I call service!

Fireworks display from my balcony
Fireworks display from my balcony. You can kind of see the fireworks, downtown, and the Bay Bridge through the San Francisco fog, hehe.

Steamed mussels – Farley Bar

Steamed mussels - Farley Bar
Creamy sauvignon blanc, tarragon, warm garlic crouton. $13
Farley Bar, Sausalito CA

Steamed mussels - Farley Bar
Another delicious dish from Farley Bar. Almost made me forget about the bloody mary that the waitress dumped on me! The white wine sauce with tarragon was SO flavorful and delicous. The mussels were also very large, meaty, tender and juicy. Don’t know why they called the sliced bread “croutons” though. I was expecting something different.

Chicken caesar salad – Firewood Cafe

Chicken caesar salad Firewood Cafe
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and fresh garlic croutons tossed with homemade caesar dressing. Additional fixings include caramelized onions, candied walnuts, and bleu cheese. $12.20
Firewood Cafe, San Francisco CA

For some reason, I sometimes crave the caesar salad at Firewood. I always add roasted chicken on top and take full advantage of the 3 free additional toppings. “Lite on the dressing”, of course!

Marinated olives Firewood Cafe
Marinated olives. Complimentary.

Telephone wires, 17th Street

Tangle of telephone wires over 17th Street at dawn. Mornings in San Francisco can create the best colors. This subdued purple was absolutely beautiful.

Avocado salad – Cafe Flore

Avocado salad Cafe Flore

Hearts of romaine, avocado, parmesan, diced tomatoes and red onions, herb croutons, house-made Caesar dressing. $8.95
Cafe Flore, San Francisco

This was a fresh and delicious salad! You can see that they put a large avocado half on top – that’s a lot of avocado, noms!  The salad was dressed perfectly with Caesar dressing (not too heavily), and the diced tomatoes and red onion helped to brighten the flavors. I would definitely order this again!

Grilled calamari – BIN 38

Grilled calamari BIN 38

Served with cauliflower, arugula, fennel, olives, croutons and preserved lemon. $12
BIN 38, San Francisco

This was a refreshing plate but disappointing because it’s not what I thought I ordered. The menu read “Grilled calamari” and perhaps the squid was grilled at some point, but there was so much citrus juice in the dressing that the calamari got further cooked by the acid and its texture changed drastically. It could have almost been called a “ceviche” at that point! I did appreciate the different textures from the fennel, croutons, cauliflower, etc. I’m not sure what was the painted green puree on the plate. It was never explained and I forgot to ask.  Pretty dish…