Chinatown duck sliders – Maven

Chinatown duck sliders - Maven
Shiitake mushrooms, Chinese greens, bacon. Bloomspot 4-course chef’s tasting menu with cocktail pairings for two.
Maven, San Francisco CA

These duck sliders were very rich and delicious! They were on toasted buttery poppyseed egg bun which helped soak up all the yummy juices from the pulled duck. The greens (not quite sure what they actually were) were flavorful, almost on the pungent side. The sliders were on the verge of being too salty from all the rich umami flavors, but I’m glad it didn’t go over the edge.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

5 Spot cocktail - Maven

5 Spot Cocktail: aged rhum, ginger, lime, maple, Thai basil, five spice.
This cocktail had a lot of flavors going on, but they actually all tasted pretty good together. The lime and basil also helped to freshen everything up.

Crisp duck leg confit – Foreign Cinema

Crisp duck leg confit - Foreign Cinema
Poached eggs, frisee, endive, five spice cracklings, croutons, sherry vinaigrette. $17
Foreign Cinema, San Francisco CA

Crisp duck leg confit - Foreign Cinema
Omg, this was SO good and everything was cooked beautifully! The duck was delicious as were the poached eggs. The five spice cracklings were a fun and yummy addition.

Branded paper towels - Foreign Cinema
I thought it was cool that Foreign Cinema had branded paper towels in their bathroom. So classy, lol!