Free range half chicken – Curbside Cafe

Free range half chicken - Curbside Cafe
With tarragon white wine cream sauce, served with “Gratin Dauphinois” and sauteed spinach. Chef Special (soup + entree) $18
Curbside Cafe, San Francisco CA

This was such a delicious dish at a great value! I was surprised at how moist, tender, and flavorful the chicken was. I was a little skeptical of this restaurant at first, but they really delivered on the food. The gratin dauphinois was super rich and creamy (as it should be) and the cream sauce was perfect for the chicken. This plate was definitely tasty and prepared wonderfully.

Coulter's Matilija poppy
Coulter’s Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri, Papaveraceae), Land’s End.

Steamed mussels – Farley Bar

Steamed mussels - Farley Bar
Creamy sauvignon blanc, tarragon, warm garlic crouton. $13
Farley Bar, Sausalito CA

Steamed mussels - Farley Bar
Another delicious dish from Farley Bar. Almost made me forget about the bloody mary that the waitress dumped on me! The white wine sauce with tarragon was SO flavorful and delicous. The mussels were also very large, meaty, tender and juicy. Don’t know why they called the sliced bread “croutons” though. I was expecting something different.

Chioggia beet salad – Bar Agricole

Chioggia beet salad Bar Agricole

Mixed lettuces with Chioggia beets, avocado, toast and a tarragon vinaigrette. $13
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

This dish was absolutely beautiful with the pinkish red beets, green lettuces and avocado, pale vinaigrette, and dark toast. I didn’t know what a Chioggia beet was, but apparently Chioggia is a coastal town near Venice and the beets have concentric white and pink stripes before they’re cooked. They tasted great! Not sure where the mixed lettuces were though. There was only one type of green, and it appeared to be some type of cress.