Seared salmon filet – Curbside Cafe

Seared salmon filet - Curbside Cafe
With Curbside orange salsa, served with mashed potatoes and sauteed rainbow kale. Chef Special (soup + entree) $20
Curbside Cafe, San Francisco CA

I tend to steer clear of pan seared salmon at restaurants because, more often than not, they come out dry and disgusting. This was surprising moist and juicy so I was happy. The potatoes were silky and lovely and the orange salsa was packed with flavor. Pretty yummy!

Francis Scott Key Monument
Francis Scott Key Monument, Golden Gate Park.

Free range half chicken – Curbside Cafe

Free range half chicken - Curbside Cafe
With tarragon white wine cream sauce, served with “Gratin Dauphinois” and sauteed spinach. Chef Special (soup + entree) $18
Curbside Cafe, San Francisco CA

This was such a delicious dish at a great value! I was surprised at how moist, tender, and flavorful the chicken was. I was a little skeptical of this restaurant at first, but they really delivered on the food. The gratin dauphinois was super rich and creamy (as it should be) and the cream sauce was perfect for the chicken. This plate was definitely tasty and prepared wonderfully.

Coulter's Matilija poppy
Coulter’s Matilija poppy (Romneya coulteri, Papaveraceae), Land’s End.

Lobster bisque – Curbside Cafe

Lobster bisque - Curbside Cafe
Soup du jour. Chef Special (soup + entree) $18
Curbside Cafe, San Francisco CA

I didn’t like the color of this lobster bisque, but it was packed with great lobster/seafood flavor! I think it looked more like split pea soup, but I guess it doesn’t matter if it tasted was amazing as it did. 🙂

Dutch crunch bread - Curbside Cafe
Dutch crunch bread. Complimentary
I rarely see this kind of bread served at restaurants as their table bread. In San Francisco, they usually serve sourdough, a baguette, or some other local artisanal variety. I liked that Curbside Cafe switched it up!

Legion of Honor
California Palace of the Legion of Honor courtyard.

Fresh mozzarella and tomato – Curbside Cafe

Fresh mozzarella and tomato - Curbside Cafe
With basil and olive oil. $10
Curbside Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this was so tasty! I love simple and beautiful dishes like this. It’s all about the wonderful ingredients because there’s no fancy preparation or a million ingredients to distract you. Curbside did a great job with this plate!

Hunters Point Open Studios
An artist’s studio at Hunters Point Open Studios.