Chicken roulade – BIN 38

Chicken roulade BIN 38

Served with butter beans, greens and a salsa verde. I’m not sure what were the purple leaves. $20
BIN 38, San Francisco

Wow, this chicken was melt-in-your-mouth good! I’m not sure how they cook it, but it was SO tender and juicy. I’m assuming it was cooked sous-vide, then seared for color and texture. I’d be surprised if it was roasted since there was absolutely no dry spots, but then I’m not a chef – lol! I don’t often eat chicken out at restaurants but if they were all as perfect and flavorful as this one, I would order it all the time. Great job, BIN 38!

Wild boar sugo – BIN 38

Wild boar sugo BIN 38

Served with pappardelle, summer greens, tomatoes, cheese, purple basil and a 63 degree egg. $19
BIN 38, San Francisco

Ever had a dish that looked amazing, but was sabotaged by one ingredient? Ding, ding, ding, ding! This dish was absolutely beautiful and tasty (I think), but the summer green (whatever it was, somekind of brassica) was overpoweringly bitter. I couldn’t taste anything else, and the bitter flavor continued to linger and intensify in my mouth as I ate more. The pasta was cooked perfectly, but I couldn’t really taste the wild boar sugo because (1) the aforementioned summer green killed my taste buds and (2) there was so LITTLE of it! For some positives, the 63 degree egg was amazing and flowed beautifully over the plate after it was broken and the colors from the tomatoes and purple basil were striking.

Spanish red wine flight – BIN 38

Spanish red wine flight Bin 38

“The Most Interesting Man in the World Prefers…” Wine Flight.  $18
From left to right:
Beronia Rioja Reserva Tempranillo 2006 (Spain)
Vall Llach ‘Embruix’ Priorat 2006 (Spain)
Numanthia ‘Termes’ Tempranillo Toro 2008 (Spain)
BIN 38, San Francisco

This was such a disappointing wine flight!  I usually enjoy most Spanish reds but I was underwhelmed by these glasses.  I like the Numanthia Tempranillo most, but not by much.  They all had odd flavors and unpleasant finishes.

Here’s my Wine Notes app ratings:
4.2/10 – Beronia Rioja Reserva
2.0/10 – Vall Llach
4.9/10 – Numanthia

Grilled calamari – BIN 38

Grilled calamari BIN 38

Served with cauliflower, arugula, fennel, olives, croutons and preserved lemon. $12
BIN 38, San Francisco

This was a refreshing plate but disappointing because it’s not what I thought I ordered. The menu read “Grilled calamari” and perhaps the squid was grilled at some point, but there was so much citrus juice in the dressing that the calamari got further cooked by the acid and its texture changed drastically. It could have almost been called a “ceviche” at that point! I did appreciate the different textures from the fennel, croutons, cauliflower, etc. I’m not sure what was the painted green puree on the plate. It was never explained and I forgot to ask.  Pretty dish…