Chicharron y queso pupusas – Balompie Cafe

Chicharron y queso pupusas Balompie Cafe

Thick corn tortillas filled with minced ground pork and cheese filling.  $5 for two.
Balompie Cafe, San Francisco

$5 for two large pupusas – SCORE!  Even less if you order them to go.  I’ve only recently discovered this delicious and addictive, traditional Salvadoran dish.  Where have I been, right!?  These things are so warm and comforting and they can be filled with so many things.  I always seem to order a meat and cheese combination.  These pupusas (shown above) were very good and quite large for the price.  I also tried their fish and shrimp pupusa, but didn’t enjoy it as much.  It had a strong, artificial seafood flavor and aftertaste.  Regardless, I would definitely recommend Balompie Cafe for yummy pupusas!

Curtido Balompie Cafe

The pupusas are served with pickled vegetables and a traditional curtido.  The pickled vegetables were scrumptious!  The curtido consists of a lightly fermented cabbage slaw with chilis and vinegar, and a watery tomato salsa.  I couldn’t help but drown my pupusas with the curtido, lol!  No sense in wasting food!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

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