Wild boar juicy dumplings – M.Y. China

Wild boar juicy dumplings - M.Y. China
Ginger, garlic, M.Y. seasoned salt. $8
M.Y. China, San Francisco CA

Ok, I did appreciate that these soup dumplings were individually spooned for easy eating. They also tasted pretty good which I wouldn’t say about some of the other dishes we had at M.Y. China.

Cobweb Buttons
‘Cobweb Buttons’ hens and chicks (Sempervivum arachnoideum, Crassulaceae), Castro Street.

Orecchiette with wild boar ragu – Uva Enoteca

Project 365: Day 44

OMG! Today I was invited to a birthday dinner at French Laundry next month! I’m SO excited! The timing is a little off since I’m also going to Ohio and on a Caribbean cruise in March and I’m projecting that I’ll be spending quite a bit of money as it is. Oh well, what can you do!? I can’t turn down an invitation to French Laundry, can I? LOL!

Wow, I’m so fortunate! I’ve been to a number of exciting restaurants this past year and I’m looking forward to those I’ll visit this new year. As much as I complain about my “horrible” life sometimes (lol), I actually really love it!

Orecchiette with wild boar ragu Uva Enoteca

Pasta with tomato, sweet onions, and parmigiano. $15
Uva Enoteca, San Francisco

I like the wild boar ragu, but they charred the crap out of the top! The whole thing had a gross burned flavor, even inside. That’s a shame because the meat sauce was very tasty. My other complaint is that the orecchiette was overcooked. Unfortunate…

Orecchiette with wild boar ragu Uva Enoteca

This would have been delicious if it didn’t smell and taste like embers.

Orecchiette with wild boar ragu Uva Enoteca

Wild boar sugo – BIN 38

Wild boar sugo BIN 38

Served with pappardelle, summer greens, tomatoes, cheese, purple basil and a 63 degree egg. $19
BIN 38, San Francisco

Ever had a dish that looked amazing, but was sabotaged by one ingredient? Ding, ding, ding, ding! This dish was absolutely beautiful and tasty (I think), but the summer green (whatever it was, somekind of brassica) was overpoweringly bitter. I couldn’t taste anything else, and the bitter flavor continued to linger and intensify in my mouth as I ate more. The pasta was cooked perfectly, but I couldn’t really taste the wild boar sugo because (1) the aforementioned summer green killed my taste buds and (2) there was so LITTLE of it! For some positives, the 63 degree egg was amazing and flowed beautifully over the plate after it was broken and the colors from the tomatoes and purple basil were striking.