Pork and crab xiao long bao – Jia Jia Tang Bao

Pork and crab xiao long bao - Jia Jia Tang Bao
2 orders with sauce ¥41
Jia Jia Tang Bao, Shanghai CHINA

I really liked this place and the soup dumplings were delicious! I loved the crab flavor and the broth was wonderful. The lady at the front didn’t speak any English but we were able to order food just by pointing, hehe. Definitely, a must try while in Shanghai!

Jia Jia Tang Bao
Jia Jia Tang Bao.


Pork xiao long bao – Jia Jia Tang Bao

Pork xiao long bao - Jia Jia Tang Bao
2 orders with sauce ¥41
Jia Jia Tang Bao, Shanghai CHINA

Omg, these Shanghai soup dumpling were amazing! When is Shanghai eat some XLB, right?!?! The pork filling was delicious and the broth was tasty. The dumpling casing had a nice thin thickness, but wasn’t too fragile so it still withstood my clumsy chopstick skills. Noms!

Jia Jia Tang Bao
The restaurant is tiny!

Shanghai soup dumplings – Kingdom of Dumpling

Shanghai soup dumplings - Kingdom of Dumpling
Xiao long bao. $4.95
Kingdom of Dumpling, San Francisco CA

These were very good and super cheap! I loved that they used a napa cabbage leaf on the bottom instead of nothing, paper, or worse those gross foil tins! The dumpling wrappers were a good thickness (not too thick) and the soup broth and pork filling were tasty. Noms!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2012, 2014

Sweet soy sauce with ginger - Kingdom of Dumpling
Sweet soy sauce with ginger.

Dolores Park
Dolores Park.

Dimsum combination – Mr. Choi Kitchen

Dimsum combination - Mr. Choi Kitchen
Fried spring roll, fried shrimp dumpling, shrimp and pork siomai, chicken siomai, japanese siomai, fried gyoza, and dumpling hakaw. 305 PHP
Mr. Choi Kitchen, Manila PHILIPPINES

This was decent. It was a good selection from their limited dim sum options at a great price. It’s not dim sum that you’re going to write home, but it gets the job done in terms of giving you different flavors/textures and filling you up. A lot of the pieces seemed dry to me though.

Intramuros at night
Intramuros at night.

Vegetable and pork steamed dumplings – Shanghai Dumpling King

Vegetable and pork steamed dumplings - Shanghai Dumpling King
10 pieces $5.50
Shanghai Dumpling King, San Francisco

I still can’t believe how cheap all the dumplings are here! You get ten delicious dumplings for under six bucks! This is why I love these small, random dumpling shops in San Francisco. These dumplings were really good. I loved the sauce and the ginger/chive topping they add to the dish. Perhaps they were steamed too long though because the skins were super soft and fell apart quite easily.

Soy sauce with ginger - Shanghai Dumpling King
Soy sauce with ginger.

Bon Tempe Lake
Bon Tempe Lake.

Japanese plate – DADS Kamayan Saisaki

Japanese plate - DADS Kamayan Saisaki
California roll, gyoza, salmon croquette, shrimp tempura, eggplant tempura, sweet potato tempura. Buffet
DADS Kamayan Saisaki, Manila PHILIPPINES

I wasn’t all that hungry after the Filipino plate, but I figured it was a buffet and I should eat my money’s worth (stupid American mentality!). Lol! The items on this plate weren’t as satisfying though. Tempura is not the best item to choose in a buffet because the batter gets either really soggy or rock hard after sitting out for a while. Maybe the Japanese section isn’t as popular in this restaurant because everything tasted a little dry and old to me. 😦

Miso soup - DADS Kamayan Saisaki
Miso soup.

Exploring the Intramuros.

Pork dumpling – Revel

Pork dumpling - Revel
Green curry, coconut, basil. $9
Revel, Seattle WA

Mmm, another tasty dish from Revel. I loved the addition of green curry in the dumpling, you don’t see that very often. And the toasted coconut shavings made for a fun topping. We have SO many dumplings in San Francisco and they all start tasting similar especially if you’re at a dumpling restaurant, so I loved that these dumplings were out of the ordinary and delicious!

Abandoned tv
Abandoned tv, Ballard.

Shanghai soup dumplings – Dumpling Empire

Shanghai soup dumplings - Dumpling Empire
Xiao long bao. Six pieces $4.95
Dumpling Empire, South San Francisco CA

These were decent. The dumpling wrapper was on the thicker side, but at least the dumplings all stayed intact and they were not steamed in those lame aluminum cups. The flavors of the soup and pork filling were pretty good so I can’t complain too much. And the price was really good!

Pink protea flower
Pink protea flower (Proteaceae), West Field Road.

Prawn shui mai and King crab Shanghai siew long bun – Yauatcha

Prawn shui mai and King crab Shanghai siew long bun - Yauatcha
Shu mai with chicken, xiao long bao with pork. A Taste of Yauatcha menu £28.88 for 2 people
Yauatcha, London ENGLAND

Noms, these were SO tasty! I don’t think I’ve ever had Shanghai soup dumplings with crab in them, and they didn’t break, yay! Even the shu mai was fancy with large chunks of prawn and chicken. Mmm, I’m craving dim sum now. 🙂

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge.