Assorted dim sum – Good Mong Kok Bakery

Assorted dim sum - Good Mong Kok Bakery
Shrimp dumpling, chive and shrimp dumpling, beef crepe roll, chicken siu mai, shark fin dumpling.
Good Mong Kok Bakery, San Francisco CA

This was pretty good, and I’m glad that the dim sum wasn’t dry like some places. They were also on the larger side which was a bonus. I loved all the different flavors and you can’t beat the low prices. There was a line for lunch and it’s kind of intimidating to order though, lol.

Assorted mini buns Shanghai style – Shanghai Dim Sum

Assorted mini buns Shanghai style - Shanghai Dim Sum
Jinhua pork and corn, shrimp jinhua pork and luffa, matsutake and assorted mushroom jinhua pork, black truffle and jinhua pork, house specialty jinjua pork, and pork with fresh water crab essence. ¥48
Shanghai Dim Sum, Shanghai CHINA

I thought these soup dumplings looked fun and colorful, but they didn’t taste all that great. The dumpling wrapper was too thick and starchy which took away from the individual flavors of the fillings and broth. Also, the service here was horrendous! They were super slow and they don’t much care for you if you’re ordering for take out. Lame!