Shanghai style juicy pork dumplings – Koi Palace

Shanghai style juicy pork dumplings - Koi Palace
Four pieces $4.90
Koi Palace, Daly City CA

Ugh, I hate these foil tin holders! They’re SO tacky. But I guess they needed them at Koi Palace because all of our xlb dumplings were already leaking when they arrive. Lame…

Dirty fish tanks at Koi Palace
Dirty fish tanks at Koi Palace.


9 thoughts on “Shanghai style juicy pork dumplings – Koi Palace

    • Chinatown is adjacent to Union Square. I would recommend Yank Sing on Spear Street which is walkable from Union Square (but I walk everywhere so it may not seem walkable to others). I don’t really go to Chinatown for sit-down dimsum, but they have plenty of cheap counters and small restaurants for dim sum. The other good dimsum places are in the Richmond. I like Hong Kong Lounge, but avoid Ton Kiang. Clement Street in the Richmond also has many dimsum counters.

      • This is such a great list – thanks! Didn;t realise it was so close to Union Square. In Australia dim sum (we call it yum cha) is a sit down affair, usually on weekends. 11am Sunday is peak yum cha action time in Sydney’s Chinatown!

        • I had “yum cha” in Sydney’s Chinatown after college (uni)! I was traveling alone (for a month and a half in Australia) and the restaurant was this huge open room with long communal tables. There were SO many carts and the frequency was constant. The food was great as was the experience. There aren’t so many sit down dim sum places with carts in SF because of the small size of the restaurants within the city. And those restaurants tend to be more expensive. There are more places in the suburbs where restaurants tends to be stand-alone and larger.

          • Is there anywhere you haven’t eaten?! Wow, you get around!! Yep, yum cha here in Sydney is a noisy, fun affair best enjoyed in a big group.
            Thanks for the feedback RE SF’s dim sum, sounds like a new experience 🙂

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